Psychic Ability

Psychic ability has long been considered a powerful gift

Historically, some of the earliest references to people having psychic abilities are found in the Bible. Take for example, Joseph, the dreamer of the Old Testament. He had ability to determine the destiny of Egypt through prophetic dreams. The New Testament also makes references to psychic abilities. In particular, Jesus’ disciples and apostles made many predictions about the future after his ascension. These types of events still stir debate today. Some believe that psychic abilities come from a connection to a higher consciousness, while others believe that they are a form of negative energy or simply dismiss them as a product of our imaginations.

There are many different types of psychic abilities. Some of the most well known are: telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance, but there are many more. Psychic perception can be experienced through any of the five senses. Some psychics see while others feel or hear. Then, of course, there are certain psychics that have abilities that are not experienced by any of the five senses. They just seem to have an inner sense of knowing. This, some believe, is actually a Sixth Sense.

Telepathy is the ability to tune into the mind of other people. This is a common trait found among twins, for example. Precognition simply means the ability to know the future. Precognitive psychics can not see everything that will happen. Typically they can see the broad outcomes of future events, but occasionally they will also get very detailed information. Clairvoyant psychics are generally not very good at seeing into the future, but are skilled at “knowing” things instead. They can often “see” things over distances or are simply are consciously aware of things that others who do not have the ability are not.

While many psychics are born with their abilities, many believe that they can also be developed. In fact, there are countless exercises and methods that can help you develop your own skills. Psychic meditation is one of the more popular methods for developing and strengthening intuition. The more you connect with a higher consciousness, the more you can gain valuable information about yourself and others. Sometimes this simply means learning how to better recognize what your own intuition is already saying to you.

There are also many practical, hands-on, exercises you can do. You can use photographs of loved ones and, while focusing on them, see if any other mental images or information come to mind.

Or, if “touch” is a particular sensitivity for you then you can practice holding personal objects that belong to other people and attempt to gather psychic information about them. This psychic ability is known as psychometry. Another approach is it to activate your imagination. Creative exercises such as drawing, keeping a psychic journal, or even exploring various methods of creative thinking can help your imagination become more active. Your imagination gives your mind the ability and freedom to explore different ways of processing information. Many people believe psychic intuition is associated to imagination.

If developing your psychic abilities really interests you, they are countless books, websites, and publications that focus on intuitive skills. In fact, this website offers an array of very helpful articles on psychic development.

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