Psychic Abilities: The Power of Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the movement or molding of an object through psychic powers. In its purest form, telekinesis is a paranormal power of the mind that influences matter, time, space or energy. It is thought that when waves of psychic energy are harnessed and collected that one can move, repel or reshape an object.

Telekinesis can be a naturally occurring phenomenon. However, high levels of psychic energy seem to encourage this process. You have heard the phrase “mind over matter”. While that is the simplistic explanation of telekinesis, for the psychic reader it is more complicated. For psychics, telekinesis is a practiced and trained skill. As with any other psychic ability, it is believed by many that we all have the basis within us to achieve a higher level of consciousness through dedication, practice and patience. However, in the case of telekinesis, it tends to be more frequently practiced by trained psychics with this ability.

Some gifted psychic readers will apply their psychic abilities to attain a higher level of consciousness and use a form of telekinesis during their readings.  In this state, a psychic has the power to not only change the form of an object, but they can also influence the physical or mental health of another person by influencing space, time and energy.  Rather than changing or moving an object in this situation, a very gifted psychic reader may be able to transfer psychic ideas or concepts to their subjects. They have the psychic ability to influence another person by shifting their current level of consciousness.  Here they can encourage one to restructure or alter their belief systems and perspectives. This process is similar to how a psychic transforms inanimate objects, only in this case, it is within the subject’s mind.

While some believe that one must be born with the power of telekinesis to use, others believe that is can be learned. To experience telekinesis, it is advised that one seeks the guidance of a psychic to lead them to the level of consciousness that is required. If you desire the experience of telekinesis, you must remain open to its very idea. The next step is to enter a state of complete relaxation. This can be achieved through breathing exercises, yoga or psychic meditation. In this state of relaxation, you are able to completely focus on the object of your exercise.

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