Pet Psychics

A psychic is one who has an exceptional sensitivity, perception, or understanding of supernatural forces or influences affecting people’s lives. To be a pet psychic though requires a very specialized skill. It is one thing to have attuned ones self to communicate with humans on a psychic level, however, it is another step altogether to possess the level of clarity and openness that is required to communicate with animals.

Why? While it has long been believed that psychic pets do in fact exist, the animal brain is not as complex or sophisticated as a human brain. So in order to communicate with an animal, a human must be able to completely communicate on another level. A level conducive to the animal comprehending what the human is trying to say. That means speaking, hearing and interpreting what is being communicated from the animal is on a completely different wave length, or frequency, than that of a human. And, at first, if the pet is not familiar with the psychic, many animals get ʻfreaked outʼ by a human ʻinvadingʼ their minds.

Think about it. If you are reading this article, perhaps you have experienced a session with a psychic. If not, it is highly recommended for many reasons. One being that it is a way to connect with your higher self. Not only will you be guided by what your psychic shares with you, but you will then know what it feels like to have some connection with your Source which is also known as your ʻthird eyeʼ. This is the connection point at which you are communicating with anything and everything outside of the human realm.

How do you go about taking the first steps to this higher place of connection? It has to start from your Self. On the inside. From your inside. If you are not familiar with connecting to your ʻthird eyeʼ this is your first step. By making this connection, you will be tapping into that part of you that will lead you to your higher vibration. What this means is that when you connect to your ʻthird eyeʼ, your Sixth Chakra, you will be opening your self up to a greater part of your being. This is the part of you that knows. It is where your wisdom and intuition lie. And, this is where you can begin to take your journey forward… to many things. One of these is connecting with animals.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate animals, it is suggested you start with a dialogue. First in voice, and then in your mind. It is not enough to just speak to an animal, though this is a great way to develop a relationship with an animal, it may not mean anything to the animal. It may sound like a large task at first, but over time, the concept of making your connection to your place of wisdom will bring you closer and closer to where you want to be. And, closer to communicating with an animal.

True pet psychics however are relatively rare. This is because it takes a very high level of communication skills necessary to be able to interpret what an animal is thinking and trying to communicate with a human. Once the animal gets over the shock of having a human come into their mind-space, most animals are very open to communicating with humans. In fact, most animals like to communicate with humans… as an expression of love. The key word being “with” humans, as opposed “to” humans. This is a point pet psychics keep bringing home. They report that the animals do not like being spoken ʻtoʼ by anyone. And if they are going to communicate with a human, it needs to happen in a cooperative way. A way that a human being and animal can share a mutual understanding of what is being said and what is being shared with one another. It is a sign of respect, love and courtesy.

Once a pet psychic grows to the level of being able to communicate with an animal, that psychic is pretty much an open channel. Why? This is the highest level of frequency that man can tap into on the planet earth. The vibration of this frequency is the highest known to man. And since we are all in the human condition, for the most part anyway, this is the highest level of human communication that can be achieved… at this time. It is never the end.

As humans continue to evolve, they will find new ways of doing things and new ways of seeing things. And new ways of thinking. This evolution is never ending. Humans have a desire to become cosmic thinkers and with this our ability to communicate with animals will continue to evolve as well.

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