Past Life Readings

Past life readings can provide us with new insight about ourselves

The idea that we may have once had past lives is something that many people believe in. In fact, reincarnation is a central tenant of many eastern religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. While the main western religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism do not accept reincarnation in the literal sense per se, these do believe in the transmigration of the soul after death. The belief that a soul can be reborn into life new again after death is an idea that is also accepted by many western theologies and a subject that is often discussed on television and in popular culture. Past lives can be explored either through past life readings given by psychics or by having a session with a hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regression therapy.

There are many interesting and well documented cases of people being able to recall past lives. Some can even recall very specific details about a deceased person’s life that would otherwise be impossible for them to know. One such case was that of James Leininger (born in 1998) who at the age of six could vividly recall details about a former life he had as a fighter pilot named James Huston who was shot down be the Japanese during World War II. Some the the specific facts about the deceased pilot’s life included details about the plane he once flew, the name of his co-pilot, and information about the people he was close to during his former life. Those who knew the former pilot before he died who had the opportunity to meet with the boy were absolutely convinced that he was in fact the deceased pilot in his former life. Interestingly, these past life memories eventually faded as the boy grew older.

Most memories of past lives though remain dormant below the conscious. Occasionally though certain events or experiences can trigger them. Sometimes people we relive memories of a past life in a dream or by visiting a new place that they were once familiar with in their previous life. These events can sometimes act as triggers that can bring a long lost memory to the conscious.

Many people believe that past lives can also influence our personalities. Very often past life readings or regression therapies can help to uncover the reasons behind irrational fears or phobias. A good example would be an unexplained  phobia of water. In such instances it could be possible that something traumatic happened in past life that it is at the root cause of this fear. Perhaps the person lost their life due to a terrible boat accident? Very often a past life reading or regression therapy can reveal the root causes stemming from a traumatic experience that occurred during a former life.

Relationship issues are another area that is frequently explored in past life readings or regression therapy. Your past life can uncover answers as to why you may see a romantic relationship as something negative. Perhaps you came from a traumatic relationship in the past, which is why you are very hesitant to engage in one today.

Past life exploration is not always about finding the root causes of people’s current traumas or fears though. Very often past lives can also be positive influences in our lives as well. For example, you may find that you have a desire to help others because you were a doctor or a nurse in a former life. Or, maybe you have a desire to mentor other people because you were once a teacher?

Whatever your interests or personality traits may be, learning about the things that may have influenced a past life can shed a lot of light on why you are the way you are today. If if you have an unexplained fear or anxiety about something, it can give you peace of mind. Moreover, it can be extremely useful for understanding the things that drive you in your present life and may even help you find your life purpose.

Finally, one of the things you have to know about getting a past life reading or past life regression hypnotherapy is that it is something that you should be mentally prepared for. With the help of a psychic or a past life regression hypnotherapist you may be able to re-experience the things that had happened to you in your previous life including the good as well as the bad. The interesting thing is that often repressed memories will be brought to the surface or you may even relive what you once experienced as if it was happening in real time. This can be especially true in hypnotherapy, so this is something you should keep in mind.

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