Name numerology And Their Numerology Meanings

Introduction to Name Numerology

Like snow flakes, no two humans are alike. Everyone is unique and on his or her own life journey. The concept of name numerology is based on the unique factors and combinations of an individual’s associated numbers and on how these numbers are reflected in every facet of the individual’s life. A person’s happiness, relationships, careers, general level of success, etc. are all connected to their numerology name. The numbers can affect an individual’s life and manifest in positive ways, negative ways, or both. Once the individual understands the effects of name numerology, he or she can become better aware of their strengths and weaknesses and use these to personal advantage in creating a successful life experience.

In name numerologya number is assigned to each letter in the alphabet. The vibratory number is discovered by translating each letter in the name into a number, adding these numbers, and then, when necessary, reducing the sum to a single digit. The vibration is the overall numerical reflection of life. The cornerstone number is the first letter and the capstone number is the last letter of a person’s name. The cornerstone number provides basic understanding about personality. It indicates how the person deals with everyday life situations, both positive and negative. The capstone number ties more into work ethic and willingness to set goals and follow them through to fruition. The first vowel in the name represents one’s deepest imaginings, aspirations, and goals. This letter goes to the very heart of who the individual is. Only those closest to the person will be aware of these characteristics.

Within name numerology the numbers 11, 22 and 33 are known as master numbers and always remain as is, any other double digit number though is added together to obtain a single digit number. For example 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, or 16 = 1 + 6 = 7.

Manipulating Your Numerology Name Compatibility

When studying name numerology or doing a numerology name compatibility test, some people might try to manipulate data as a means of obtaining numbers they consider preferential. The idea, however, is to use the knowledge obtained from number numerology to help honestly improve themselves and not change numbers due to dissatisfaction with who they truly are.

While decoding your personal name, it’s vital to recognize that within name numerology, each and every letter within your own numerology name carries a corresponding number, and therefore the positioning for each letter ascertains the amount of influence that letter (as well as its numerological significance) will have on your numerology name.

Are You Ready For The Secret Your Soul Urge Number Reveals?

When employing a name numerology calculator, you will discover the completely unique vibrations that your particular name transmits out and just how this process impacts the way you live. Name numerology has been employed for thousands of years to seek out ones Soul Urge Number. Your own Soul Urge Number is known as a key number within your numerological profile, and is in particular one of the main 5 primary numbers, which in turn will be the most essential numbers when working with a numerology name calculator.

The actual Soul Urge Number will tell you a great deal when it comes to your secret dreams and desires for yourself. It really is about what’s within your heart of hearts. Discovering one’s Soul Number will sometimes bring about a transformation in career path, romantic relationship or possibly some other significant alteration in your life. Learning and discovering your Soul Urge Number through name numerology is a way for you to attain true happiness and self fulfillment in leading a far more authentic as well as fulfilling way of life.

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