Metaphysics and The Study of Psychic Ability

The science of Metaphysics has long been associated with the study of supernatural phenomena which includes the investigation of psychic abilities.

The Greek word metaphysics derives from “meta” and “physics”.  Meta simply means above, while physics refers to nature.  A literal definition of Metaphysics is “studying that which exists above the laws of nature”.

Metaphysics does not involve the study of objective and concrete topics. These are reserved for more conventional sciences such as physics, astronomy and mathematics. Instead, Metaphysics mainly focuses on the study of subjects that are largely outside the realm of human perception and are beyond the physical universe. These can include the study of such subjects as astral projection, psychic ability, ghosts, auras, and life after death to name just a few. As a field of study, Metaphysics provides a way to investigate the nature of certain things that are either rejected or can not be easily explained by conventional science. Metaphysics can also include the study of philosophical questions such the nature of reality, man, and God.

Cosmology is a field Metaphysics that examines the nature of the Universe and the forces that drive it. One aspect of Cosmology is the study of the existence of a “universal energy” that runs throughout all of us. Questions of free will are raised, the possibilities of life after death, and the origin of the universe.  It also explores whether the world around us and its various life forms were created by design and whether our existence is eternal.  Another question that is often explored by Cosmology is whether or not there exists spiritual entities and whether or not some of us are able to tap into the “universal energy” that can not ordinarily be perceived by the five senses. This is more commonly referred to as psychic ability which can include:

  • Intuition
  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Communicating with spirits and the astral world
  • Interpretation of dreams
  • Tarot reading
  • Scrying with crystal balls, water or mirrors
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • And, many more…

The role of a psychic is to assist their clients by using their “gifts” or intuitive abilities to achieve the greatest good. These abilities are thought to reveal a higher level of truth or knowing that goes beyond logical or deductive reasoning.  While psychic ability can not be easily explained, those that have it claim to simply intuitively know, feel or see a truth as an absolute fact and then use this knowledge to assist others with overcoming difficulties in their lives.

Psychics also tend to have different types of abilities. Some may rely on either clairvoyance or clairaudience, which allow them to “see”, “feel” or “hear” information that isn’t perceptible to the conventional human senses. Some psychics are mediums who claim to receive information by telepathically communicating with spiritual entities. Others can “see” into the past or future or even sense current events taking place at a distant locations.

Most all psychics though have the ability to “see” into the hearts of the people who they are performing a reading for. This allows the psychic to have a deeper understanding of the events which surround the lives of others and to share their insight about their lives. Often they are able to answer questions or provide advice to others that will lead to them making better decisions for themselves.

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