Love and The Law of Attraction

Love all starts with the self and learning how to Love your self unconditionally.

It is the essence of who you are and who we all are as Light Beings on planet earth. And as Light Beings of Love, we are on the verge of a new frontier. A journey forward into the Age of Aquarius.

As the earth continues its movement forward into the Year 2012, all of humanity will be affected by this new coming age. How? Simply by being present on planet earth during this great time of change. As such, we are moving forward along with the planet without having to do anything other than simply being here to experience the transformation. In addition, in our transition to becoming Light Beings of Love, it is unavoidable that humanity will journey forward and evolve with the coming Age of Aquarius.

As Light Beings we are comprised of Love. Love is what we are made of. As the Law of Attraction tells us, we have the ability to attract that which is likened to us – toward our selves. What this means is that we all have the ability to attract Love to our selves by virtue of just being the loving beings that we already are at our core.

Unfortunately, many of us have yet to tune into our ability to Love. Until the shift into the New Age is complete, it is not uncommon to have the Love we have to share with others to be buried within even though it is the very essence of our being. We do this because our lives are heavily imprinted with the events and experiences of our past. Many of us are afraid to express our Love because we fear that we may be rejected others. Or, we choose instead to follow other pursuits such as materialism or to achieve prominence among our peers. Many of us have simply become alienated from our innate ability to Love, choosing instead to bury it. As a result, the Love we are made of can not flow freely and effortlessly because of our insecurities or fear of judgment. Our hearts are buried in the experiences of our past.

Once we are able to release the imprint from the past we will then be able to free our selves and open our hearts. And when this happens, mankind will finally understand what it means to be One with the Universe.

Although this may sound difficult to understand, however, it is truth. We are all connected to the Universe just as we are all connected to one another. We are all brothers and sisters and what matters most is our survival. And in order to survive, it is necessary to Love one another.

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