Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

The dynamic partnership between a Libra, an air sign who is ruled by the planet Venus, and a Scorpio, a water sign guided by both Mars and Pluto, can be a rather satisfying union that is connected on a deep, emotional level. However, the two must learn to accept each other’s different attitudes and views on life for the relationship to be a success.

The Good Side

Of all the twelve astrological signs and their many combinations, Libra and Scorpio have a great capacity to be extremely loyal and devoted partners when it comes to a romantic relationship. Because the best decisions are made using the heart as well as the mind, the coupling of Libra and Scorpio is an excellent choice, as the two complement each other well and will be able to easily face any challenge together.

Scorpios tend to brood and can be rather emotional at times, but even-keeled Libras will help to keep them on the right track and bring a harmonious balance to their lives. All Libras have a love for the beautiful and serene things in life that will help bring peace to the often tumultuous, emotional side of their Scorpio mates.

Libras will be at their absolute happiest when they’re in a well balanced relationship. In return, Scorpio will then help Libra stay focused when it comes to the many minute details of everyday life. Neither of these two signs are the argumentative sort and when they do come together, whether it be in matters of business or romance, they can accomplish just about anything they set their minds to.

The Bad Side

One of the few drawbacks of a Libra-Scorpio union is their very different communication styles. While Scorpios tend to be secretive, Libras are always upfront with their feelings. Because both will do anything in their power to avoid a fight or disagreement, it’s important for them to learn how to come to a resolution that suits each side without harboring any resentment or ill will.

Scorpios tend to be highly emotional and can easily over-dramatize situations to the point of irritating their Libra mates, but they also have a tendency to use the silent treatment, something that will usually frustrate the normally easy-going Libra. Scorpios may also be possessive by nature and display a jealous side, something that Libras will have to deal with using their inherent diplomacy skills.

Libras are always thinking of the next exciting thing to try or of a new place to visit or explore, but may lack the follow-through to make these visions a reality. Ultimately, it will be the more focused Scorpio who sees to it that the plans are followed through on, bringing with them a uniquely wise take on life that will fascinate Libra and bring these two even closer on a deep level of understanding that other signs of the zodiac rarely achieve together.

Overall, those Scorpios who are born between October 24 and November 2 tend to be the most compatible with the sign of Libra, as they tend to have many of the same traits as their Scorpio mates, since they’re born on the cusp between the two signs. However, any members of these two signs – regardless of their exact date of birth – are likely to find happiness and contentment together, powered by shared goals and similar lifestyles.

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