Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility

Traditionally, signs that are positioned two spaces apart from one another on the zodiac – like Libra and Sagittarius – have great potential for rather joyous unions. In this case, Libra, ruled by the feminine planet Venus representing love, and Sagittarius, ruled by masculine Jupiter standing for both luck and philosophy, join together for a harmonious relationship that’s based on mutual love and understanding.

The Good Side

Combining an air sign, Libra, with the fire sign Sagittarius, provides a great deal of excitement and a level of kinetic energy to the relationship that neither has experienced before. As we are all aware, oxygen is needed to fuel fire, fanning its flames and working together to create a heated union – like the one between Librans and Sagittarians, who both enjoy plenty of excitement and diversity.

Librans tends to change their mind in the blink of an eye, and luckily, easily adaptable and flexible Sagittarians will be able to change course right along with them. Both signs enjoy travel and exploring new places and will relish the journey together regardless of where the final destination may actually be.

Sagittarius is always searching for wisdom and learning new things, which is easy to do with Libra – who has a keen sense of the unusual and the exciting – by their side. The absolute best match between these two signs occurs with a Libra and a Sagittarian born between the second and eleventh days of December, as well as those born between the twelfth and twenty-first.

The Bad Side

On occasion, silver-tongued Sagittarians may hurt the sensitive feelings of their Libran mates, and this sign that represents balance may be loathe to argue or to address the conflict. Fortunately, Librans also tend to have forgiving natures that allow them to quickly get past these disagreements. Similarly, Sagittarians may find their Libran partners to be too controlling when it comes to emotions, preferring a more direct approach that focuses more on what their head is telling them than on matters of the heart.

Sagittarians should be careful not to “push” Librans too early in a relationship as they will take a bit longer to acclimate themselves to the more intense way of doing things that Sagittarius is sometimes known for. Librans are sensitive people who don’t like being coerced into doing things they aren’t completely comfortable with, but given ample time to sort through their often complex feelings and emotions, a sense of peace and relaxation will inevitably arrive.

Those individuals born between the twenty-third of November and the first of December may be a bit too pompous for the even-keeled Libran. Sagittarians may feel as if they are in control of the relationship, when in reality, Libra is behind the scenes, keeping things running smoothing with a quiet, even hand. Provided Sagittarians are “allowed” to feel that they are steering the ship, there should be smooth sailing through any rough waters that the two may encounter.

Together, the merging of these two star signs can develop into a rewarding relationship that always feels new and exciting, as Libra and Sagittarius explore all of life’s ups and downs together with a shared enthusiastic, optimistic outlook.

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