Libra and Pisces Compatibility

Combining air and water leads to rain, and much like rain, the union between a Libran and a Piscean can be either completely soothing or utterly destructive. However, in most cases, these two signs will enjoy a smooth sailing relationship, looking to each other to provide balance and harmony.

The Good Side

Whether it’s as good friends or as lovers, Libra – ruled by the planet Venus representing love – and Pisces – ruled by Jupiter and Neptune standing for luck and illusions respectively – can truly complement each other. These two signs tend to understand one another on a deeper level that allows them to work through any problems that come their way using both their hearts and their minds, making disagreements short-lived and obstacles minimal.

Libra is full of interesting ideas and plans, and sometimes has several of them going on all at once. Pisces, on the other hand, will happily take whatever role is assigned to them, allowing their mate to receive more recognition without harboring any feelings of resentment. Pisces will also be there to help keep things running smoothly should creative Libra get sidetracked and begin another adventure before the first is complete.

Because of the feminine influences from both Neptune and Venus, Libra and Pisces are able to share an intimate relationship with one another that emphasizes the emotional aspect of their union, as well as their sexuality. The most intensely fulfilling relationship occurs between a Libra and a Pisces who was born between the eleventh and the twentieth of March, as these Pisceans tend to connect with Librans on a deep level of understanding and passion for one another.

The Bad Side

In some instances, Libra can be a bit too manipulative for Pisces mentally. Luckily, the water sign is easy to forgive and possesses a great deal of empathy, allowing them to put themselves in the other person’s shoes in order to resolve misunderstandings.

Both Libra and Pisces can be indecisive at times, causing a stalemate to occur if neither is able to move forward and finally make up their mind. Similarly, when a disagreement does arise, there can easily be a communication break-down, as Libra is known to dole out the silent treatment on occasion, irritating Pisces to no end. These conflicts can lead to an underlying air of tension in the relationship, as each “secretly” fights to be the stronger partner.

Librans may find it difficult to have a harmonious relationship with Pisceans born between the nineteenth and either the twenty-eighth or -ninth of February as these individuals tend to be a bit too complex for the easy-going Libra. They also tend to be the most non-verbal of all those born under this particular sign of the zodiac when it comes to healthy communication in a relationship, which can frustrate the diplomatic Libra.

All things considered, Libra and Pisces should be able to enjoy a well-rounded relationship that incorporates their mutual affinity for the world around them with a genuine enthusiasm for the life that they will excitedly share together.

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