Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo, a fire sign ruled by the sun, and Virgo, an Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, come together to create fiery relationship that tends to smolder slowly at the beginning before evolving into a powerful love match.

The Good Side

Opposites do sometimes attract – especially in the case with a Leo Virgo relationship, where the two signs often combine to create a happy union with each member balancing out the other and his or her personality. Both members of the relationship have powerful personalities, although they differ greatly in their delivery and they way they portray themselves to others.

Leos will do well at teaching their Virgo mates to appreciate spontaneity, how to relax and be more at ease with both themselves and the world around them – in essence, how to enjoy life more. Virgos, on the other hand, will teach their Leo mates the value of patience, how to hone their intellectual energy for more productive uses, and how to be a bit more sensitive towards others and their individual needs.

Virgos are much quieter, less obvious about their intentions and tend to work tirelessly behind the scenes while their Leo partners are front and center, making sure everyone else recognizes their importance. When Leo soon becomes disinterested in the boring minutiae of the task at hand, Virgo is there to follow up on any of the important details Leo has left behind before moving on to something else.

Leos are especially drawn to those magnetic Virgos born between September 13 and 22. However, this match may prove to be too heated for these signs to handle, as both have dominating personalities that may easily clash. While Virgos tend to be somewhat modest when it comes to matters of passion, they will appreciate the complete opposite approach and should warm up quickly to the charismatic Leo.

The Bad Side

In the earliest stages of a romantic relationship between Leo and Virgo, these two may spend most of their time finding faults with one another. The secret to making this match work lies in taking the time to stop pointing out each other’s flaws in order to recognize the many positive traits both possess, allowing the attraction to blossom. Unfortunately, Virgos who are born between the third and twelfth days of September may find that their cautious and somewhat reserved natures do not mix well with the more spontaneous, playful Leos.

Virgos are far more concerned with details and may come off as fussy or persnickety to the more relaxed, but dominant Leo. Leos must also work to keep themselves in check as Virgos are generally far more timid and reserved than they are – this fire-driven sign must take care to not overstep their boundaries and become too bossy in the eyes of their humbler, less outgoing mates.

If they can get past each other’s perceived weaknesses, Leo and Virgo have the capacity to complement each other and build a strong relationship together that will easily be able to withstand the test of time and the common problems most relationships face.

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