Leo and Aries Compatibility

People born under the power driven signs of Leo and Aries are usually extroverted, dynamic individuals who will share a great sense of initiative, as well as a vibrancy for life. Since both Leo and Aries are fire signs, combining the two can easily cause an explosion – not necessarily a bad one, but possibly an exciting adventure that allows each to complement the other. Because of strong influences from the sun, those Arians who were born between the last day of March and April 10 are actually the most compatible with those born under the sign of Leo.

The Good Side

Provided there isn’t a competition to be the “boss” in the relationship, Aries and Leos can be a wonderful combination. The sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars while Leo is ruled by the sun, and many times this combination proves to be a harmonious one – due to their many similarities, each person in the relationship is able to understand where the other is coming from.

Both signs have an unspoken, but mutual understanding between them and can be fiercely loyal to the other, having both a passion for life in general and in their adventures together. When an Aries and a Leo are in a close relationship, they can be very supportive of one another, each having an innate sense of how to help the other reach their goals. While an Aries tends to play the role of the initiator, Leo then sees to it that Aries follows through with their promises or plans, working in tandem for one end result.

As far as sexual compatibility is concerned, Aries and Leo should enjoy an exciting time together full of sparks, spontaneity, and passion. The playful nature of these fiery signs will keep things interesting both in the bedroom and out, and chances are there will be very few dull moments in an Aries-Leo relationship.

The Bad Side

Although there’s no doubt a relationship between an Aries and a Leo can be a rewarding, dynamic one, the opposite may also be true in cases where the power struggle between these equally large egos is allowed to get the better of the relationship. Aries and Leo may also disagree frequently, having differences of opinion that may be dictated by their stubbornness or impatience, or simply by a competition to see who’s really “in charge” in their union.

Achieving a healthy balance may prove to be an interesting challenge, at least initially, as both tend to have rather large egos and neither are too willing to give up their role as leader or as the “stronger” person in the relationship. However, by turning that energy toward supporting one another, it is possible for these two signs live in harmony without the need for a submissive and dominant role.

In terms of romance, the only downside to a relationship between a Leo and an Aries is that the former may be bothered by the latter’s flirtatious nature, but with plenty of open communication these two signs should be able to resolve any differences that come their way.

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