How to Know If Someone Likes You

One of the most aggravating things about having an interest in someone can be being uncertain if they have the same feelings towards you

In these situations you feel as though you would do anything find out the truth, but are uncertain exactly how to go about it. Asking them directly is certainly one option, but nobody wants to put themselves in what could potentially be a really embarrassing situation. You can also try to flirt a little or drop some very subtle hints, but even doing this can be difficult if you are shy or have a fear of rejection. Even if doing a little flirting doesn’t bother you, it still can sometimes be really difficult to tell for sure if someone is expressing a real interest in you or are just be friendly instead.

They good news is that you don’t have to be psychic or a mind reader to know if someone has an interest in you. Once you understand the basics of body language, you will be able to read the subtle messages given by others much more clearly. A person’s body language can reveal a lot about their true inner thoughts in many ways. Surprisingly, very people are consciously aware of what their body language may be indicating. For this reason, knowing how to read body language can often be a more reliable way of knowing what a person really thinks than listening to what they actually have to say.

So, how can body language let you know if someone likes you? Here are some of the most common forms of body language you should look for and what they usually mean:

Facial Expressions.
 This one is really obvious and not very subtle since most people are very consciously aware of their facial expressions. If someone smiles when they see you and shows a sincere interest, then chances are that they probably like you. However, if they are dismissive, or show little emotions, it does not necessarily mean that they have no interest in you. They could also be consciously hiding their affection. This can be especially true for shy people. If you are uncertain, you will want to look for other body language signs.

Eye Contact. Eye contact, in terms of body language, can be very different for men then women. If a woman makes very brief eye contact with a man and then smiles as she looks away, it is usually a pretty good indicator that she finds him attractive. If, on the other hand, she avoids eye contact altogether and keeps the same facial expression, in all likelihood she probably isn’t very interested.

Men, on the other hand, have much more of a tendency to stare and make direct eye contact when they are interested. Most men are consciously aware that this can make a woman feel uncomfortable though.  Because of this they will usually avoid making direct eye contact for an extended period of time. They don’t want appear overly aggressive and ruin their chances. They will often continue to periodically stare when they think they can get away with it though, so this is something you might want to try to catch them doing.

Boundary Invasions.  You may or may not consciously be aware of it, but most of us who are from western cultures typically have a comfort zone that extends about three feet around us when we are in the company of strangers. We will let friends and loved ones get a foot or two closer though.

If a stranger or an acquaintance intentionally enters your boundary space, it is generally a pretty good indicator that they are interested in you. Likewise, you can sometimes also judge how someone else feels about you by entering their boundary space. If they remain comfortable, it is typically a pretty good sign. If they move away to increase the distance though then generally it is a bad sign.

Body Posture. You can tell a lot about what a person may be thinking by their body posture. If someone leans in closer or has an open body posture while having a conversation with you, it is generally a good sign. If, however, they lean back with crossed arms during a conversation, it is generally a bad sign especially when coming from a woman.

The direction a person puts their feet and knees while conversing with you can also be a pretty good indicator. If their feet or knees are pointing directly at you then it is generally considered to be a pretty good sign.

Subtle Touch. In terms of body language, a casual touch is probably one of the strongest indicators that someone has an interest in you. This can be a quick rub of a shoulder, back, knee or thigh, or even a gentle caress of an arm or hand. You can also try this on someone else to see how they react. Do they shy way or do they welcome it?

Other body language. There are a lot of other body language signs that can easily be read once you become aware them. These can be emotional signs such as being able to recognize when someone becomes shy or insecure in your presence. Behavioral changes such as noticing when someone goes out of their way to dress and look their best in your presence. And subtle signs, such as noticing the way a woman might suggestively flip her hair back when she meets you.

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