How to Communicate with Animals

You don’t have to call a pet psychic to communicate with animals

While there are many ways humans can communicate with animals one of the most effective is by establishing a one-on-one relationship based on a foundation of trust and understanding. In this respect, connecting with an animal is not much different than how we form bonds with other loved ones. Any true relationship should be based on honesty and an ability to connect with another being on both an emotional and spiritual level.

Life’s energy flows through everything. If we acknowledge that this energy flows through every living being then it is not very difficult to form bonds with others with whom we share it. This energy can serve as a basis with which to make connections, build relationships, and even communicate with others who aren’t capable of spoken language such as animals.

Although animals may not have the same intellectual capacities as humans there are many things we do share in common. We all have the same life force that resides within us and we also share many of the same emotions. Our ancient ancestors who once relied on the land and animals for their survival had a much deeper understanding and appreciation of this relationship. Unfortunately,

most of us today have become detached from our natural environment and have lost this connection. The energy is still there though if we truly want to find it. Once we do, making a connection to animals and communicating with them is very possible. This process is not difficult as long as we are open to changing the way we think and perceive the world that surrounds us.

Humans can communicate with animals in a variety of ways. It can be through visual images within our mind, through our emotions, through our sense of touch, or through our own intuitive psychic abilities. The method you should use should be the one that works the best for you. When you make a connection with an animal, you will know it immediately. Many people who have close bonds with their pets already know how to communicate with them intuitively. Here are the five basic steps for communicating with animals:

Establishing Trust.
Communicating with animals is not very different from communicating with other loved ones who you are close to. Trust and understanding are extremely important. To establish trust, you must let the animal sense your energy. Many animals can instantly sense when they can trust you. Dogs, for example, are probably even better than most humans at determining if a person can be trusted or not. They can also sense if a person is fearful or intends to do them harm. The best way to establish trust with an animal is to relate to them on their own level. First, get a sense of how the animal perceives you. Do they want to play? Will they approach you or let you pet them? Are they afraid of you? It is very important to never approach an animal that may not trust or feel threatened by you because they can possibly be dangerous. If trust can not be established, it is always better to avoid the animal altogether or to slowly build up trust up over time. Most of the time, however, it just takes some kind words, a scratch on the belly, or feeding the animal a treat to win their confidence. Once you have successfully established an animal’s trust, you should be able to sense it right away.

Successfully connecting with an animal can only be accomplished after trust has already been established. Connecting involves taking your relationship with an animal to the next level. This means attuning your emotions to the animal’s emotions. It’s best to be in a very quiet place and alone with the animal so that there are no other distractions. Take a deep breath and let your inner being – your heart and mind communicate with the animal. You should feel the animal also communicating and linking with your heart. Listen to the environment between you and the animal. Try not to force things, but let nature take its course. Some people prefer to close their eyes when they do this while others prefer to stare directly into the animal’s eyes. Do whichever feels the most natural to you. When a connection is truly formed, you should then feel the bond within your heart.

Communicating your message.

Once the bond is formed you are free to communicate with the animal directly as if you were talking to your good friend. Some people prefer to verbally communicate through words such as ‘I want to speak to you’. Others prefer to use telepathy where they will send their thoughts to the animal non-verbally. Some people, such as pet psychics, will rely strictly on their own intuition whereby they “sense”, “feel” or “see” what they wish to communicate with the animal. Again, use whichever method you decide works best for you. Expressing your feelings can also be helpful. For example, you can tell the animal that you understand them and want to listen to their thoughts. Or, you can ask them questions like ‘how can I help you?’ or ‘how do you feel when you are with me?’ You can also ask them more specific questions about why they do certain things if you are trying to resolve a behavioral problem.

Understanding their message.
This is where you now receive the response. Do not make any assumptions about their message because this may interfere with the connection you have established. Sometimes it can also be difficult to hear the response if you are in doubt or are having second thoughts. Create an open relaxed environment and be ready to receive. Be prepared to receive any kind of feelings, sounds, taste, image or any related response. You want to make sure that you do not judge or allow any negative thought about what you are going to hear. You will need to take the response as it is. Wait for the message to come first before you respond.

Acknowledging their message.
End your communication with a warm response like ‘thank you’ or a friendly scratch or pet on the animal’s head. By thanking the animal you are letting them know that you have received their message and acknowledge it. Once you learn to understand each other, it will serve as a bond that never can be broken.

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