How To Be Successful

How to Precondition Your Mind to Success

You do not always need to consult an online psychic to find a reason why you may be facing continued failure. Many times the solution you are looking for can be found within. My reason for being so certain about this is because of the many people who have convincingly demonstrated the power to change their lives from a path of failure to one of success on their own. Such change may not come easily, but it can and does come if you are persistent and that is the main thing. When you decide, really decide, that there shall be no more failure for you, and carry out the principles of positive thinking, there is no doubt there need be no more failure for you.

The principles of positive thinking work when applied with honesty and sincerity. Here is an exercise you should try. Take a pencil and paper and list your three chief failure areas; three points at which you are currently failing, or at least not doing as well as you desire.

It may be that you do not get along too well with other people. Perhaps you are having trouble controlling a certain desire such as for alcohol, sex, tobacco, or simply have cravings for too much fattening food? You may be unhappy with your current job, but haven’t found the courage or motivation to make a career change. Maybe you are easily discouraged, or negative. Whatever they are, big or little, list your failure areas in the order of their importance. Then let’s see what to do about turning these failures into successes.

The first thing is to get an answer to that basic question, “Why do you have these failure points?”

That may be difficult to determine, and you may even require professional help to ferret out the real reasons for your failures. Many of us tend to blame external factors for our failure. But actually the truth is, more often than not, the place to look is within ourselves. And when we actually venture deep within ourselves, we often discover a strange and complex truth. Psychologists tell us that there is a tendency in many of us to have a failure wish. Believe it or not, success actually scares many people. There can be many reasons for this. Some people, for example, may fear facing certain challenges while others may suffer from low self esteem issues and have simply given up on themselves. Whatever the reason, those who choose to not to pursue success find clever ways to avoid it, unconsciously, of course. They do not really want to succeed. So, when you give the reason for your failures, be sure it’s a true reason and not one that your subconscious is telling you.

Let us suppose that you really want to do something about failure. What corrective formula can you use? There is one simple formula that I have known to produce amazing results. It is a definite one, two, three positive-thinking procedure. If applied with maximum effort, it will almost certainly result in success in most situations. Here’s the formula:

  1. Try, really try.
  2. Think, really think.
  3. Believe, really believe.

Let’s take that first point, for example: Try, really try. Probably this doesn’t have too much appeal, because trying can be very hard, so hard, in fact, that few people actually attempt it. Or they may attempt it, but do not have what it takes to keep on trying. Let’s face it, when was the last time you tackled one of the failures on your list with the determined attitude that you were going to get in there and try, really try? Most failure is simply due to the fact that we take the line of least “persistence.” We do not make a prodigious effort to succeed.

For the second point, thinking is really essential because with it we can conquer most any problem. If you have a fear of speaking in front of a group of people, for example, stop and really think about the reason why you may have this fear. Is it rational? Have you had a bad experience in the past? Once you have identified the source of your fear, then identify the steps you will need to take to overcome it. The same thinking process should be applied towards any sort of an obstacle. First, identify the problem, and then think about a solution. If it’s not obvious, you may have to get creative.

For the third and final point, you really have to learn how to believe in yourself. For many people who have conditioned themselves to failure, this can be the most difficult part of the process. Remember, success comes from within, so to make this happen you are going to have to learn to really believe in yourself. Although some people are able to accomplish this through shear personal willpower, most people find it easier to use motivational tools such as books, DVDs, making positive affirmations, or attending seminars.

Just remember, the secret to success is to put your whole mind into it. If do, you will be astonished at what you can accomplish.

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