Four Basic Psychic Abilities

You may be wondering how you can know if you are psychic. The truth is that everyone has some degree of psychic ability. It is an innate skill that we all possess. When our species was in its infancy we were reliant on our instincts and intuition to let us know when there was danger. Over the years as we have grown in our knowledge, we have tended to rely on our intellect rather than using our intuition. Unfortunately, our intellect doesn’t’ always provide us with the best answers. Our intuition is a much more worthy guide often helping us make the best possible choices in our lives.

Psychics are people that are able to tap into the abilities that they are born with. Just as there are some people that are more talented in the fields of music, sports, art, mathamatics and many other fields, so there are some who are just more in tune with the elements that give them access to information about the past, present and future. This means that the real question you must ask is not iF you have a psychic ability, but rather what is the extent of your psychic ability. In order to figure this out, you will need to understand the way to psychically express yourself by understanding the different ways that psychic abilities manifest in people.

There are four main groups that fall under the category of psychic. The first and largest group is called clairvoyants. These are people who can see, hear, feel and have intuitions about things in the psychic realm as they can connect to any time through their physical senses.

Mediums are another group tends to be much rarer. These are gifted people who are able to communicate with spirits in other realms and, in some cases, have the ability to see the past lives of other people. This gets even more complicated by the fact that often times mediums can also be psychic and psychics can also be mediums. In other words, some mediums do possess clairvoyant abilities, but they also have the ability to connect with those that have past over.

Empaths, also known as “feelers” are another group under the psychic category. They are people who can feel the energy that surrounds them and tell you what you are feeling. They are referred to as clairsentients and can, at times, have the ability to heal as they can feel the energy  of others .

The fourth group of people that can manifest psychic energy is healing arts practitioners. These types of psychics are often Empaths.  Usually they get some sort of message from their clients while they are doing the work on them. They have the ability to see into the body and use their psychic intuition to feel where there is a blockage of energy.

Once you have a basic understanding of the various ways that the human body may choose to express itself psychically, you will be set to start your journey on discovering your own gifts and abilities and how they fit into the large world of psychics.  Take the time to learn the ways that you can tune into your own body and inner self. This will help you to both the energy around you and, more importantly, within you. Ultimately, this can help your life make the best possible choices for yourself.

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