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Famous Psychics: Edgar Cayce predictions about the future

Edgar Cayce was an ordinary man who possessed extraordinary psychic abilities. Born in rural Kentucky in 1877 he was a devout Christian and even taught Sunday school. He passed away in 1945 and lived before the start of the New Age Movement. During his lifetime he made several psychic predictions about the future. Although some of his timeframes were off, Edgar Cayce’s predictions have proven to be remarkably accurate and still hold a great deal of significance today.

Cayce gave several thousand psychic readings during the course of his lifetime and documented the majority of them. During a reading, Cayce would put himself in a meditative state. He would lie on a couch and cross his hands over his chest. This put him in a relaxed and self-induced trance. In this manner Cayce would answers questions from people who lived all over the world. Although Cayce conducted over 22,000 readings in his lifetime, only 13,854 were recorded.

Many of the readings that were documented are more relevant today than they were during Cayce’s time. Cayce used terms such terms as holism, soul mates, auras, Akashic Records and spiritual growth several decades before they would later become popularized by the modern New Age Movement.

The Akashic Records is a library that Cayce believed exists on higher planes. This is where he received most of his information. While many of his readings dealt with physical and emotional problems, he also did readings on missing persons, buried treasure, prophecy, dream analysis and the structure of reality. People often asked Edgar Cayce about their professions and through his predictions were able to successfully improve their business relations. Past lives were also a huge part of Edgar Cayce predictions. Several of Edgar Cayce predictions dealt with disaster. Although they did not always come true there were quite a few that did:

Edgar Case Predictions:
  • He predicted the great depression in 1929 and advised one young man to be very cautious with his newfound wealth. The man took Cayce’s advice and took his money out of the banking system days before the crash.
  • Edgar Cayce also predicted World War II. He was asked in a reading about international affairs and told the gentleman that because of the hearts and souls of men a world-wide war would ensue.
  • He also predicted that all forms of communication would connect with each other. These days we are able to access anything we want with one single device.
  • In 1927, he predicted that doctors would be able to diagnose disease from a single droplet of blood. Today blood tests are used everyday to identify specific illnesses.
  • Cayce also predicted the La Niña and El Niño effect. These are temperature changes that occur in the ocean currents that can dramatically alter the earth’s weather. These effects have been becoming more pronounced over the past few decades exactly as Edgar Cayce predicted.
  • One of his Edgar Cayce’s predictions was about an imminent pole shift would tilt the planet’s axis and cause devastating destruction. A pole shift occurs when the Earth’s core reverses its polarity which means that the earth’s magnetism will switch directions. This can potentially cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and cataclysmic climate changes. Scientific research has demonstrated that pole shifts have occurred several times before during the earth’s history. Some scientists believe that we are now seeing signs of it beginning to happen again although they are still uncertain as to when.

When all of the natural disasters that have happened recently are taken into consideration, it is hard to ignore this one Edgar Cayce prediction. Many people believe that something major is going to occur in December of 2012 and it could very well be a pole shift.

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