Do You Have Real Psychic Ability?

How To Determine If You have Psychic Abilities

Unfortunately, there are many people who seem to have negative feelings towards people who claim to be psychic. Those who do have psychic abilities may be hesitant to tell anyone due to a fear of encountering a negative attitude. Children often tend to be more susceptible to psychic energy, but do not tell anyone because they believe that everyone has similar experiences.

Over time, however, they learn that this skill is something that isn’t necessarily accepted and begin to repress their psychic intuition. Psychic abilities and psychic intuition generally stay with someone for life, even though the skills may be dormant. If you feel you may have psychic abilities here are some steps that can help you determine if you have psychic intuition.

1. To try to determine if you are psychic, pay close attention to your dreams. Prophetic dreams are a clear sign that you may have true psychic abilities. Be aware of the dreams that have similar themes or, if you have the same dream more than once.  Dreams that are particularly vivid could also indicate psychic intuition. Sometimes dreams are a reflection of your feelings about a situation, or reflect something about your everyday circumstances. This is a normal process which helps your unconscious work through challenges or conflicting feelings. However, sometimes psychic dreams come with unusual feelings such as déjà vu or an inner knowing that something seems off. In some cases, you may get the sense that a dream is prophetic and you will feel as though it is predictive of something that is about to occur.

2. If you can predict events and are very sensitive to others’ feelings, you may also have psychic tendencies. Take note of how often you can sense and feel these things. Most psychics are unusually in tune with other peoples’ lives, their feelings or their circumstances. Sometimes people with psychic abilities can know when another person may be in danger, and can even give predictions as to certain events that will happen to a friend or relative.

3. If you feel as though you are a deeply spiritual person, have a strong connection to a higher power or sense a universal connection with the whole as a whole, you may have psychic abilities. Take a measure of your spiritual feelings and activities, since psychics are generally spiritual in nature.  In the Greek language, the word for psychic means “pertaining to the soul.” The best psychics believe there is life after death and they tend to be keenly aware of the subtle energies of different spiritual planes or spiritual dimensions.

4. If you believe you are psychic, spend time meditating. Try to tune into the world and all the energy it encompasses. Many psychics will practice mediation and visualization techniques to enhance their psychic abilities.

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