Divinatory Tools Explained

How psychics use divinatory tools

If you have ever visited an online psychic site and spent some time reviewing the various psychics who are featured, you may have noticed that many psychics like to conduct their readings using certain aides. These might be things like crystals, runes, pendulums, angel cards or tarot cards. These objects are known as divinatory tools and their purpose is to assist the psychic to channel their energy into a focused message. In a sense, these tools act as a lens between the metaphysical world, which we can rarely see, and the physical world we live in.

To understand how a psychic will utilize a divinatory tool, let’s use tarot cards as an example. A tarot psychic will typically choose one card in a deck to represent the person being read and then focus their energy on the issue or question that needs be explored during the reading. The psychic will then lay down a number of cards around the main card in a special formation known as a tarot spread. Each card in the spread has its own unique meaning which can be interpreted by differently depending on where in the spread that particular card appears and its relationship to the other cards surrounding it. In the end, the cards make up a sort of story. In a simple spread, for example, one card may represent the person’s past, while the next represents their present, and last represents their future.

While tarot cards can often be useful when used by a skilled reader, they are the most accurate when they are in the hands of a gifted psychic. This is because most psychics who use tarot cards have a close personal connection to the tarot cards they use and it is this connection that makes the cards truly powerful. In essence, the cards become an extension of the psychic’s own energy which extends through them. Their main purpose is to translate this energy into a coherent message.

Psychometry is another example of a way a psychic may use an object as a divinatory tool.  Psychometry is the ability to psychically sense things by physically touching them. Usually this involves the psychic holding something that belonged to the person being read. This can be an article of clothing, a cherished object, or even a photograph. As the psychic holds the object they absorb its energy and often get very specific information about the person associated with it. Sometimes this information can come in the form of a vision, a thought, or an emotion. Psychics who are skilled at Psychometry are sometimes hired by police investigators to solve crimes. While they are not always successful, there are some very well documented cases where they have identified the locations of victims and crime scenes, or have given very accurate descriptions of the criminal perpetrators.

It is important to always remember though that the main purpose of a divinatory tool is to enhance a psychic’s ability and not to replace it. This ability must come from within before it can be channeled through the tool they are using. It can never be imitated nor replicated by object itself.

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