Daily Affirmations

Making daily affirmations can bring positive change into one’s life

The primary purpose of daily affirmations is to help us to change harmful beliefs or behavioral patterns. Unfortunately, many of our negative thinking patterns are the result of our early childhood experiences. Once these experiences get ingrained into our subconscious it becomes increasingly difficult to shift these ideas as we grow older. Many people harbor insecurities or self esteem issues later in life as a result. Daily affirmations are a powerful tool anyone can use to transform these ingrained negative ideas into positive ones.

So what exactly is a daily affirmation? An affirmation is a positive statement that can either be said out loud or in silence to oneself usually for the purpose changing ones perspective. Thus, a negative world view can transform into a positive one. When you begin repeating affirmations every day, they will become part of your subconscious and eventually change your paradigm. Consequently your self esteem will improve greatly and you will feel better about yourself. More importantly, you will be more empowered to take charge of your own life by transforming negative energy into positive outcomes. This is known as The Law of Attraction.

When selecting a daily affirmation, it is important to choose an appropriate one to address the area of your life that you would most like to improve. It can be just about anything that may be disappointing you such as your career path, your love life, or a self esteem issue. It’s also important to select an affirmation that has a great deal of meaning to you. Or, in other words, it should reflect upon the most important things in your life and resonate with how you imagine your life unfolding under the best circumstances.

You can get creative and compose your own daily affirmation, or you can use one or more from below:

Daily Affirmations for Love

I am extremely irresistible to the perfect partner.
I am deserving of a mate who adores and loves me.
I accept that I will allow romance and love in my life.
I happily give unconditional love to my mate.
I am in a happy and intimate relationship.
My partner and I are growing closer every day.

Daily Cleansing Affirmations

I surrender to Divine will and let go of my expectations.
I am no longer attached to anything that is not needed or wanted.
I allow the light of the Universe into my spirit, body and mind.

Daily Affirmations for Women
I feel comfortable and proud of my body.
I love myself just the way I am.
I am proud of my femininity and express it to the fullest.

Daily Self Love Affirmations
I love myself with all my imperfections.
I am worthy and deserving of an abundant life.
I deserve a happy life.

Daily Forgiveness Affirmations

The more I forgive, the more my heart opens
I let go of my resentments and replace them with love
I now release my anger and pain and am now ready to open myself up to love.

You may wish to say your daily affirmations in the morning or in the evening. Saying them in the morning can help you focus your energy and give you a positive start for the day ahead. Saying them at night can, particularly right before you go to bed, can really help the affirmations make shifts in your unconscious. If you would like to improve your daily affirmations and make them more powerful, you can add pictures by visualizing what you hope to gain by repeating these affirmations.

The power of daily affirmations can be astounding. We are unbelievably powerful beings who have the ability to create the lives we desire. Using affirmations can be transformative and healing. They help us connect to who we really are and give us the courage to believe in ourselves.

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