Cotacting a Deceased Love One

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to contact a deceased loved one

Saying goodbye to a deceased loved one does not always have to feel like a loss. On the contrary, their life should be appreciated and you should hold fond memories the time you had to spend together. Although their time in this world may have come to an end, many believe that those who were once close to us in this life are still there for us in spirit even though they have crossed over to the other side. You don’t have to be a psychic medium to communicate with them. If you are truly interested, you can also attempt to contact a deceased loved one on your own through prayer or by performing a ritual. Here is one method suggested by a psychic medium:

Set aside a special place.
Start by making a sacred place where you can relax and perform the ritual uninterrupted. Think about your goal of reaching your deceased loved one as you put together this quiet place. It can be simple place in your own home, outside in nature, or a sacred place like a shrine or altar.

Get ready to meet.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down and then close your eyes. Take deep breaths to calm yourself and rid yourself of your worries, doubts, and so on until your mind has cleared and you feel focused and relaxed. It is important to be free of all distractions so that you are fully in the moment and can concentrate.

Next, try to relive your most poignant memory of when you and your loved were together. What where you doing? Where were you when this occurred? Perhaps, for example, what you remember most clearly is walking together on the beach. Let your mind gravitate to whatever memory you hold most close and clear.

Ask your loved one to meet with you.
Do you seem to be walking on the beach in your mind’s eye alone? Keep replaying the memory in your mind, visualizing it repeatedly, and invite your loved one to join your vision. Tell him or her that you will keep doing what you are doing until they can join you. If you would like to say a prayer or blessing over them, go ahead and say it aloud as you send the message out telepathically. If there is something that you want to say to them that you were unable to earlier, now is the time to say it. Let your emotions take you deeper into the spirit realm to make your reunion more successful.

When your loved one appears…
As you wait for your loved one to come, let your senses strengthen. Often spirits of loved ones will use different ways to manifest themselves. There are those who will talk to you or appear physically, but others will simply gently touch you or send an emotion indicating their presence. Be aware for any kind of manifestation. Is there a breeze, or maybe you hear their voice in the distance? Do you smell their perfume or some other odor you once associated with them? Pay attention to the strongest manifestations that you sense. These will help you start your connection with your loved one as you continue to envision your meeting place.

Pay close attention to things you think, feel or hear. Do not ignore thoughts or images and think it is your imagination working overtime. This is something that often keeps many people from connecting with their deceased loved ones. Rather, you should feel the connection with your heart as you converse with your loved one with your thoughts and emotions. Let the communication go as it might in a real life conversation. At this point, you will hopefully come to realize that they have been there for you the all along.

Be patient.
If your loved one does not appear, do not be discouraged. This is important. Sometimes the spirit of a loved one will make their presence known immediately while other times there might be certain things that you or they must overcome before a connection can be made. It may take several of these sessions before you are successful. You may have doubts. Or, sometimes a loved one must come down from a better place of rest to communicate with you and can understandably be reluctant as the journey for them can be difficult. Although it may take some time and persistence, once you make a connection, you will never again feel like they left you here alone.

Saying goodbye…
Spend as long as you need saying goodbye to a deceased loved one by talking with him or her until either you feel whole or that your loved one’s energy begins to fade. Do not worry about ending the conversation because you can always come back. Before you say goodbye though, express your gratitude to them for spending time with you.

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