Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo tend to be well suited to each other. Cancer tends to be a very emotional sign, while Virgo is more of an intellectual. Their relationship can face problems as Virgo can be too critical of Cancer, often resulting in hurt feelings. Cancer can also be very worrisome and sensitive, causing Virgo to become irritated. But generally, the two compliment each other quite well.

Virgo and Cancer will often offset each other’s shortfalls. Cancer is a Water sign and, as such, is more susceptible to mood swings – and intense ones at that. Cancer relishes begin cared for by another, and Virgo will enjoy pampering them and feeling as if they are in charge. Virgo is an Earth sign that’s known for being practical and solid. Virgo is also a planner and wants to have stability within their lives. Virgos trust and love completely; however, neither is given easily.

The Good Side

When Cancer and Virgo get together, it is usually a good thing! Cancer’s natural dependency on others is welcomed by Virgo’s need to protect. Virgo is also very goal-oriented, which can be a plus for Cancer’s need to become financially stable. Both can teach each other. Cancer can help Virgo to become more open minded, while Virgo can teach Cancer how to plan better, preventing them from worrying constantly.

These factors often lead to a deep devotion between the two, resulting in a comfortable, affectionate, and secure relationship. If children are involved, the two are often very devoted parents as well. Cancer is very in tune with the emotions involved with every day life and can often head off problems before they become an issue. Virgo, on the other hand, provides the rational balance to Cancer’s more flighty ways, allowing the two to work quite well together as a team.

This closeness and passion will often spill off into the bedroom, where Cancer and Virgo are able to create a deeply emotional coupling that gives both signs the closeness they require. Virgo loves completely and Cancer is able to respond in turn. In turn, Virgo may respond quite well to the tenderness offered by Cancer.

The Bad Side

Of course, as with any relationship, there is another side of the coin. Cancer can end up with some very hurt feelings, as Virgo can be too blunt and critical. This is especially common if Cancer is brooding or is overly sensitive. Cancer is often involved in activities to help others and will often sacrifice themselves in the process. Virgo has a difficult time accepting this at times, which can lead to problems within the relationship.

Virgo is often fussy and somewhat bossy, which can add to Cancer’s moodiness. Cancer must learn to forgive Virgo for their shortcomings and to accept Virgo’s methodical, analytical nature. Virgos are known for not being very sentimental, while Cancer is quite the opposite. Care must be taken by both parties to learn to express the feelings between one another before problems get out of hand.

Sexually, Cancer may find themselves unfulfilled in the bedroom, if they feel Virgo is being too cold. Virgos will often express themselves verbally as well, and sensitive Cancer may take this out of context. Care should be used to be sure both Virgo and Cancer agree on this area of the relationship. There is usually a lot of passion involved in a Virgo/Cancer relationship, which can become very intense if things are not going well.

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