Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Building a successful relationship between a Capricorn and a Cancer comes down to the ability of both partners to communicate with each other. Both signs have to be willing to talk through issues until they are satisfied. These disputes may take a while to work through, but with time and commitment, many Cancer/Capricorn relationships can make it to forever.

Capricorns will have to focus on showing more attention and affection to please their more emotional Cancer partners. Cancers, on the other hand, need to work at not holding a grudge and on speaking their minds when something isn’t going the way they think it should. Many couples have made it work by learning early on to draw on each other’s strengths. Once things start to even out, both partners may find that what others may consider opposites might just be the different strengths they each bring to the relationship.

The Good Side

Have you have ever watched a scene in a movie where two people are yelling one minute, and can’t keep there hands off each other the next? This phenomenon is especially common in a relationship between a Cancer and a Capricorn. However, while these two signs often have different ideas and distinctly opposite personalities, they can often complete one another. While Cancer is a feeler and nurturer, Capricorn tends to be more practical or even-keeled. Many Cancers and Capricorns find this balance to be helpful in stabilizing their relationship.

A Cancer may find strength and stability in a Capricorn, while the Capricorn may find the care and love from their partner to be just what they’re looking for. This balance of leaning on one another can often bring year of happiness.

Cancer and Capricorn’s different natures can lend themselves to balance in the bedroom as well, provided that Cancer doesn’t allow Capricorn’s more rational nature to override their innate need for tenderness and care. If the two can take pleasure in discovering and providing what the other needs, they are likely to develop a sustained passion that will last many years into the future.

The Bad Side

Obviously, in a relationship between a Cancer and a Capricorn, their opposites in personalities can occasionally cause problems to arise. Capricorns often feel that they shouldn’t show emotion, whereas Cancers are all about feelings. Cancers rarely get mad, but they also rarely forget an offense. They will hold grudges for long periods of time before finally losing their cool, irritating rational Capricorn.

Capricorns, on the other hand, are very practical. They won’t leave an issue alone until they are satisfied with the result. This can cause problems when Capricorns believe an issue is dead and gone, but a Cancer can’t forgive, forget and let the issue go.

Both signs may have issues committing to a serious relationship. Cancer and Capricorn both tend to delay making a decision until they can think things through completely, weighing all options. This can be both a strength and weakness. While neither is willing to jump in too soon, one may feel it is time while the other is still weighing the pros and cons.

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