Aries and Virgo Horoscope Compatibility Analysis

The attraction between Virgo and Aries will not be instantaneous because even when Aries displays interest, Virgo will keep a cool demeanor and dwell on it before taking any step. Aries is a fire sign while Virgo is an earth sign. Aries is a masculine sign and Virgo is a feminine sign and so Virgo will want to be courted properly before giving in to Aries.

The bold nature of Aries will attract shy Virgo initially but once the novelty wears off, the couple will have to find other ways to keep the attraction intact. The common ground between both is that both like honesty. Virgo has a giving and sacrificing nature and in many situations Aries might end up exploiting this.

Virgo is given to deep thought and an intellectual sign rather than a physical being. Aries on the other hand is a non-stop go-getter who hates to stay in one place and is perennially rushing off to conquer new terrain. Aries is followed by a string of controversies due to impatience but being blessed with the gift of the gab, talks his or her way out. Aries loves to bounce ideas off Virgo and Virgo loves to help with the details.

Virgos have a tendency to find fault and loves to arrange things in an orderly way. Virgo is very cautious in each step that he or she takes; conversely Aries throws caution to the winds while plunging into something new and exciting. Virgo must understand how to handle Aries and do this by tempering constructive criticism with compliments thrown in.

Virgo would be very happy to leave all the sexual initiative in the capable hands of Aries. However, Aries will expect Virgo to take the lead sometimes. Virgo will take time to open up sexually whereas Aries is rather impatient. Also Virgo loves to be gently led step by step towards a sexual climax whereas Aries will tend to rush things.

Virgo and Aries will have an unusual social life collecting plenty of eccentric or creative friends. This will infuse a great deal of interest in their life.

Is this the perfect match for aries or best match for virgo? If the couple recognizes the strengths of each other, Virgo with the brain and Aries with the brawn, they could have a great match. Also Virgo brings in the element of planning into Aries` life and this is a great help as it builds a strong foundation for the dreams and aspirations in their lives.

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