Aries and Capricorn Horoscope Compatibility

The energy and vitality of Aries will attract Capricorn. Read to discover how the two can bond.Aries is a fire sign while Capricorn is an earth sign. This fascination can help bond the couple despite their contrasts, but both will have to work hard if this relationship is to make headway and succeed.

Aries and Capricorn may not make a good match. Capricorn is rather patient and takes life at a slow pace, being laid-back and easy going is the chosen way of life. However, Aries is impetuous and fast, am action-oriented individual, this contrast in both their natures could be detrimental to their relationship.

Capricorn is simple by zodiac nature and usually not game to taking risks. Aries on the other hand is a go-getter and taking risks is a part of his or her life, this may not go down too well with Capricorn. The possibilities of personality clashes between the two are immense.

Capricorns have a subtle way of aggression and use this to dominate, Aries on the other hand barely has anything to do with subtlety and will make his or her intentions clear. Capricorns are usually law-abiding and conform to norms but Aries does not worry about breaking rules here and there and even makes up some!

Aries is spontaneous by nature and always takes a direct approach to expressing feelings, needs and desires. Capricorn is difficult to figure out and controlled and subdued. Both have a different approach to handling challenges thrown at them, Aries plunges straight in with a positive attitude whereas Capricorn withdraws to formulate a strategy.

The common ground between Aries and Capricorn sun signs is that both share a similar wavelength of emotional intensity. This is especially true when it comes to feelings about the family, friends and children. Their love for each other has sweet romantic and tender tones to it which makes it truly special. Despite all this, the difference in nature will lead to plenty of emotional ups and downs.

When it comes to bedroom escapades, Capricorn can be quite a strong lover. He or she can get very angry if Aries rebuffs advances. Sex is extremely important to both these signs as they have a strong sexual drive. Jealousy and games are not Capricorn’s cup of tea and Aries must avoid the penchant for them.

Astrology wise, the odds may be stacked against the Aries-Capricorn relationship but if both are determined to put in efforts to make it work, it could be a good relationship.

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