Aries and Aquarius Horoscope Match

Aries is a fire sign while Aquarius is an air sign, they make a great combo. The vitality of Aries oozes appeal for the mentally motivated Aquarian. The first time they meet sparks will fly, they will have the feeling that they have known each other before.The Aries-Aquarius duo must learn to be mature and keep games and jealousy out of the relationship. Both are extremely independent people and sometimes this could leave Aries feeling lonely. However, the beauty of the relationship will be that both will be able to retain independent identities yet come together as a couple.

The Aries-Aquarius couple will enjoy laughing together and will stimulate the sense of humor in each other.

The Aries ability to take the initiative and embark on new projects is something that will strongly captivate Aquarius. Aquarius will also be able to tame headstrong Aries a bit and temper the inherent aggression into healthier channels. Aquarius will help Aries improve relationships and develop the tactful art of public relations. Aries has a tendency to try and dominate the relationship but Aquarius is a strong sign too and will mot accept anything other than equality. Though similar in nature, none will compromise too readily.

Both Aries and Aquarius are game for sexual adventure, their quest for the pleasures of life together will leave both heady and satisfied. They may even find themselves attracted to violent means of lovemaking. Their relationship is an amazing cocktail of passion, friendship and sexuality. Their relationship will ooze oomph and excitement. Both are high energy people both in bed and out of it.

The Aries-Aquarius relationship is bound to face sudden explosive outbursts of anger. These two dynamos of energy can be potentially dangerous when they come together at times. The result is that both can be a little more daring and reckless than they would be alone, this involves taking huge risks.

The Aries-Aquarius couple will have a strong leaning towards discovering the spiritual dimension to life. They will have a strong streak of telepathy between them and in many instances will be able to understand what the other speaks without exchanging even a word! They will enjoy spending time together enjoying exploring the intangible energies of life. They will love to pursue inner development together and this will bring both of them a great deal of joy.

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