Are You Psychic or Is It Just Your Imagination?

Skeptics argue that psychic abilities are nothing more than the product of one’s imagination. In fact, even professional psychic readers can attest to their similarities. Psychic vision and the act of imagining can feel like similar experiences for many psychics. However, true psychic abilities differ a great deal than just an active imagination even though both experiences can be very similar.

Psychic abilities are a process in which psychic information is gathered by energetically tuning into a different realm. The imagination, on the other hand, is a process of creation. In other words, our imagination is a construct of our own mind and generates from within the mind. Psychic ability is a product of receiving knowledge from a different vibration, frequency or energy.

Although one’s imagination and psychic ability draw upon two different resources, they can work harmoniously together. Imagination and creative visualization can encourage you to develop psychic vision. The same can also be said of psychic visions. They too can help your imagination become more vivid and clear. The more you practice generating pictures within your own mind, the more you will be able to grasp the images you are seeing. The pictures in your minds eye will become clear, precise and easily identifiable.

Believe it or not, psychic visions are not always understandable. Sometimes you will get a brief picture or a sudden flash of information that you will ultimately have to interpret. Learning how to interpret this type of information can take time and patience. When you work with your imagination and creative visualization, however, you will suddenly find yourself learning how to interpret your own psychic visions.  More importantly, it can help improve your clairvoyant receptivity by teaching you how to pay attention to subtle visions and symbolic imagery.

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