What is keeping us from being together? Lenorman card reading

What kind of man is right for me? And what is the best way to find out? What keeps us from being together? Of course, most of us have an image of our ideal partner in our heads. But throughout life, the characteristics we want to see in a man in our dreams can change over and over again. Although good looks are a priority, especially during puberty, most people learn during the storm and rush phase that good looks are not necessarily a guarantee of a long-term relationship.

On the contrary, as we age, character traits such as reliability, empathy or humor become more important in finding the right partner. What keeps us from being together – this Lenorman card divination will tell you how to determine your right partner!

Shuffle again

When it comes to the question of whether opposites attract magically or partners with similar interests fit much better, the following phenomenon is often revealed: very different people – especially at the beginning of a relationship – burn with passion. This is because it is the opposites that give love an extra impetus. In the long run, however, it turns out that a similar outlook and common interests form a fruitful basis for a long-term partnership. Sober pragmatist plus unbridled romantic? The shirt-sleeved nature boy and the discerning luxury lady? This kind of opposing relationship requires a fair amount of mutual tolerance to function well in the long run.

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