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For most of us, success is some kind of achievement in the world. For many, success is not an achievement, but recognition and applause. For others, this is not the end goal, but a movement towards it, when the path itself brings satisfaction and gives a feeling of success: such people value the process more than the reward. With Free Lenormand Reading – Success people refuse to strive for success at all, sometimes out of fear of failure, and sometimes out of fear of… success itself! Only a few will consider themselves completely successful if they simply live each day with sincerity and simplicity!

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What is success?

At some stage in our lives, we all inevitably ask ourselves the question: “What does success mean to me? – even if this question remains in our head for only a few minutes! However, if we do not think deeply about this issue, then most likely we will simply blindly follow other people’s ideas and live according to other people’s standards of success, which, as a rule, we are aware of as early as childhood, and then transferred to our adult. life. Perhaps we do not see the connection between our dissatisfaction, no matter how superficial or deep, and the lack of a conscious idea of what a “successful life” is and what it means to feel like a successful person. It is through clarity of mind and inner wisdom that we can direct and focus our energy. Then comes the feeling that our life is filled with meaning.

And what is the price of success? This is the phrase that many of today’s “success gurus” begin and end their speeches with. It means how much you are willing to sacrifice something in order to achieve the desired success. How hard are you willing to work? What sacrifices are you ready for? Interesting questions, but they all set you up for hard work!

How would you define “success”? Is it the completion of another task, another job well done, a promise kept, an exam passed, a medal won, a mountain climb, a goal achieved, a happy family, or a legacy that will long be remembered after you’re gone again? Your beliefs about success will have a huge impact on your entire life. If you decide to follow the stereotype prevailing in the world today, then success for you will be measured by the number of acquisitions: the more you have, the more successful you are.

What does it mean to be successful with free Lenormand reading? At what level, in what context, and by whose standards? If you take the time to seriously think and feel this question, you will most likely come to the rather obvious conclusion that, at the deepest level, success in life is not something that is so tangible, it is not something that can be possess what you can win or even attract to yourself!

Success is a state of mind. Some call it contentment, or happiness, or peace of mind. For some, it is these signs that are the deepest and most significant “symptoms of success”, but only in the presence of internal stability, resilience and resistance to all kinds of external influences.

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