Taurus love horoscope and compatibility

Love and Sex

Taureans are the sexiest people on earth. They are best compatible with Cancer while Scorpio and Pisces also pair well as lovers.

They are outgoing and have an inborn sauciness that makes them appealing. However, they are generally not attracted to anyone easily and when they do, the relationship is likely to be stable. They enjoy slow courtship and make cautious moves.

Taurus believe in honesty in relationships and view lies as a huge turn-off. They come straight to the point when it comes to conveying their feelings and do away with all the trimmings.

Taureans have a strong sex drive and are extremely passionate. They are very sensual in nature and beautiful things and places can really get the heat on for them. In bed, Taureans love to experiment and are outstanding kissers. However, surprisingly they are not driven by lust and are generally faithful to the partner they love.

Taurus Compatibility

This astrology symbol is the most compatible with Cancer while Gemini is the worst match. Scorpio and Pisces also make a good match.

Taurus and Cancer are truly made for each other. Every Taurean seeks security deep inside and this is something that Cancer understands and provides. Both are warm and friendly and love children. They enjoy spending time together in lonely and quiet places away from the madding crowd. Both partners also have a healthy appetite for sex and enjoy experimenting together.

When Taurus and Pisces come together, they are likely to enjoy a stable and peaceful life. They complement each other as Pisces is dreamy while Taurean is practical and down-to-earth. Both share a love for eating, drinking and for the fine aspects of life. They will be affectionate to each other and indulge erupt into sudden bouts of passion. Sex between both will be intense and fulfilling. Their sexual attraction for each other is the stuff that legends are made of.

The attraction between Taurus and Scorpio is magnetic. Since both signs can be rather obstinate, they need to compromise a bit to make the relationship work. Taurus can be a bit possessive but this factor attracts sexy Scorpio. They will enjoy flirting and also acquiring money and power together.

People of this zodiac will find Gemini too active to match up to. While Gemini loves to travel the world and roam endlessly Taureans are home loving souls. Geminis are a talkative lot who jump from topic to topic rapidly during conversations while Taureans love to progress steadily.

Taureans are grounded, sentimental and romantic beings. They make wonderful partners that one can rely on.

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