Taurus and Leo Compatibility Match

The physical attraction between Taurus and Leo will be explosive. Do they make a great match? Check it out.Taurus is an earth sign while Leo is a fire sign. The passion of Leo will be the perfect foil for the sensuality of Taurus. However, both will also have a streak of childishness.

Both Taurus and Leo are sun signs that are fond of the finer things in life. Both have refined sensibilities and will be great connoisseurs of good food, music and art. Their home will be a pleasure palace with exotic things and their match is good.

The way in which money is used can create problems between Taurus and Leo. Taurus is careful with money and usually acquires things with an eye on investment, Leo on the other hand is a great spendthrift who loves to live like there is no tomorrow. Leo can be exceedingly generous and this may not be taken well by Taurus who likes to hole up wealth for financial security.

Taurus can be quite possessive and this can create problems in the Taurus-Leo relationship. Also Leo loves to act regal and order others around, with Taurus, Leo needs to learn to be more diplomatic and resort to gentle coaxing not commanding. Both signs have an overdose of stubbornness, they will have to learn to be a little flexible if things are to work out between both of them.

The Taurus-Leo couple will find the physical attraction very strong. Their moods will play a big role in their sexual relationship. Leo can play dangerous games with Taurus by denying sex and affection but this can seriously damage the relationship.

Leo will be good at initiating projects but Taurus would be the one to work tenaciously to see it through till the end. Leo loves to lead a flamboyant life and be the center of attention outside the home, Taurus on the other hand is down-to-earth. The Taurus need for order can get overshadowed by Leo’s need for a larger-than-life existence.

The relationship between Taurus and Leo is one that will keep changing and destined to have frequent upswings and downswings. The couple will have many bouts of anger and frustration but the silver lining will be that when both kiss and make up the relationship will bounce back fresher.

Longevity and stability will mark the Taurus-Leo compatibility relationship. What the couple needs to understand is that both of them do have basic differences and they must learn to accept each other without forcing change.

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