Taurus and Aries Horoscope Compatibility

Aries is a Fire Sign and Taurus is an Earth Sign and this makes a hot combination. How compatible are they really? Find out now!

Both are abundantly blessed with an abundance of personal charm and appeal. They possess a great deal of determination and this can help them achieve common goals.

When Taurus and Aries get together, they can embark on bizarre and strange experiences. They might have sudden bursts of psychic experiences that add an unusual touch to the relationship. They will also develop a spiritual bond with each other.

The relationship will fairly sizzle with sexual magnetism. The two signs match well, and are immensely fond of sex and their sexual capers are creative and intense. Taurus has a great capacity for endurance and this will satiate demanding Aries. Taurus is a great romantic at heart and will want to be wooed with plenty of love notes, chocolates, flowers and so on, however Aries prefers to do away with the frills and dive right away into physical pleasure. The style of approaching sex also differs, Taurus likes plenty of foreplay and seeks the gradual building up to a crescendo, while Aries wants all the action instantly.

Taurus and Aries make good friends who enjoy each other’s company. Both have an artistic leaning and they could successfully follow artistic pursuits. They also love watching movies and shopping together for beautiful artefacts to adorn their home. Both love a good read and their conversations could be peppered with reviews, debates and snippets of what they have read.

Taurus is a tad too possessive about Aries. Taurus craves a sense of security and expects this from the partner. Aries on the other hand wishes to be a free, independent spirit and the possessiveness displayed can irk him or her and cause cracks in the relationship. Taurus will have to learn to have more trust and allow Aries more leeway.

Aries has a tendency to suddenly come up with an impulsive idea and chase it with vengeance. This can be rather worrying for rooted Taurus who believes in spending time analyzing an idea and proceeding with great caution, rather than plunge headlong into it. Taurus acts as a check to the impulsive nature of Aries and helps develop his or her ideas fruitfully, by proceeding logically and practically.

The most pronounced negative thing going for them is that both have an inner urge to dominate the other, unless this is controlled, the two could end up with a big tussle and subsequent break-up. They need to find a middle ground and learn to give and take, this will make the relationship last.

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