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The prediction for today using the Simbolon Oracle card of the day is very simple, even for someone who has never guessed and does not know all the subtleties and rules of these rituals.

You just need to choose one card from the deck that will give you a prediction for the day ahead. This is even more interesting, since in the evening of the same day you can confirm or refute this prediction and evaluate how accurately you understood the Oracle’s hint.

This interpretation will contain a hint or advice on what you should avoid or, on the contrary, try to do today. It can also be a warning or a guide to the right path.



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It is best to do fortune telling with the help of the Simbolon Oracle on the card of the day this morning: you can ask a question about what to expect from today. After the question is clearly asked, you choose a card and get an interpretation of possible events.

If for some reason it is more convenient for you to guess in the evening, then the question can be reformulated, for example: “What conclusions should I draw from what happened today?”.

You can guess and ask questions for today on the Simbolon Oracle deck, taking out a card for today, once a day. It is better if you are alone in the room at this time and nothing distracts you from concentrating on the question being asked.

Extraneous sounds or deeds will not allow you to make the right choice of a card and, accordingly, the forecast for this day may be inaccurate.

You need to come into a calm relaxed mood, listen to your intuition and choose a card from the deck. Next, you will receive an interpretation of this card, which you must carefully read and try to correlate with your situation or plans for this day.

If you did fortune-telling in the morning, keep in mind the forecasts offered to you from the Simbolon Oracle for today, so that in the evening you can check with them and understand what they were connected with.

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