Shadow People

A frequent question many people ask psychics about is the existence of the Shadow People

Shadow People are spiritual entities that look similar to shadows; they are dark, opaque in color, and are constantly moving. If you have ever watched one of the many television shows about ghost hunting, then you have more than likely heard mention of people seeing ghosts or spirits that look like dark shadows. They can appear as fleeting dark forms shifting in between rooms and walls.

Many paranormal experts believe that Shadow People are entities that are stuck in this dimension and do not know how to cross over into the light or higher spiritual plane. Often times this is due to having suffered an untimely and tragic death such as from murder or a suicide. It is believed that the spirit cannot accept the fact that they have died. As a result it lingers in between worlds, sometimes visible to those with enhanced spiritual perception such as psychic mediums and young children who seem to be extra receptive to ghosts.

It’s not always easy to detect Shadow People because their appearance is subtle and they can move quickly. Some describe them as dark forms that seem to have a similar shape to a human being. Typically, they are not seen in solid form. They also can not reflect any light nor can they be touched. Some accounts of Shadow People have been described as bodies of dark light. In this case, they can actually take on the physical characteristics of a human. There are also Shadow People who remain completely invisible except to those who have strong clairvoyant abilities.

It’s important to note that Shadow People are quite different from your typical ghost haunting. Ghost hauntings are considered to be caused be two circumstances: a memory that is replaying itself or an actual entity that has consciously chosen not to move on because they feel that they have unfinished business. Unlike most ghosts, Shadow People are usually unaware that they have died.

With that being said, if you ever encounter a Shadow Person there is nothing to be afraid of even though their appearance can be unsettling. They are comprised of spiritual energy so it is impossible for them to physically harm you. Your presence may actually help them cross over to a higher spiritual plane. You can also communicate with them. Explain to them that despite being dead, they have a wondrous existence to look forward to. They just have to accept what happened to them and move into the light of a higher spiritual plane. If this fails to remove them you can also try contacting a psychic medium who can often establish direct contact with spirits and encourage them to move on.

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