Psychic Scams

Avoiding psychic scams and finding a legitimate psychic is not difficult once you know what to look for

Receiving a reading from a legitimate psychic can be a truly rewarding experience. While it is true that there are many truly gifted professional psychics, unfortunately there are also some really bad ones too. If you are not careful about the psychic you choose, you can end up getting burned. Many of these so called “psychics” get paid by the minute and are really only interested in keeping their victims in a session as long as possible. Worse still are the fake “psychics” who are nothing more than outright con artists. The types of psychic scams they run are designed to defraud vulnerable people out of very large sums of money. Psychic scams come in many different forms. Here are some of the most common and what you can do to avoid them:

The Dream Makers
Who doesn’t like to hear good news? The most common type of fake “psychics” are the ones who get paid by the minute to keep their victims on the phone or in a session as long as possible. In reality these “psychics” have no special abilities whatsoever other than being masters of psychological manipulation. They are skilled at identifying a person’s vulnerabilities or desires and then manipulating them to stay in a session as long as possible. They do this by telling them exactly what they want to hear the most in long drawn out detail.

Phony Predictions
Another trick they will often play on their victims is to make them believe that they are legitimate by making phony predictions. Often the way they do this is by manipulating their victims into answering questions themselves. For example, they may say something like “I see a deceased male family member whose name starts with the letter “J”. In many cases the victim will then blurt out the answer which, in reality, is not difficult to predict. John, Joe and Jim are all very common names that start with “J”: Most people have a deceased relative who went by one of them. If not, the “psychic” will then dismiss their comment and move on to another suggestive question that has an obvious answer.

The Fake Curse

This is an old trick that is still a fairly common psychic scam that is still used today. Everyone has occasional problems. These can be things like financial stress, relationship troubles, family difficulties, or emotional issues such as anxiety or depression. Visiting a reputable psychic to get a little guidance on any of these issues can be a good thing, but being reeled in by a so-called “psychic” who preys on people’s trust and vulnerabilities is a different matter all together. Victims are often told that their problems are caused by some sort of dark curse or evil entity over them that will cost a great deal of money to lift. Often this money is needed for such things as elaborate ceremonies that are never actually held, long prayers that are never said, or the lighting of thousands of non existent candles that never see a flame. If the victim doesn’t fall for the ploy at first, scare tactics are often employed. Sometimes they are warned that their problems will get much worse if they don’t act quickly. This psychic scam is more effective than one would think. There is story after story of desperate people handing over tens of thousands of dollars to lift non-existent curses.

In truth though, no payment to any psychic is ever going to rid anyone of an evil spirit, entity or curse. A true psychic would never claim to be able to remove or eradicate such a thing even if they were to sense a problem in someone’s energy. This is because most individuals who have negative energy draw it to themselves by having a negative outlook or attitude. This is called The Law of Attraction. To reverse negative energy then requires one to do it by them self. Often this means developing new positive outlooks, behaviors and attitudes. A legitimate psychic should be able to recognize such situations and provide some guidance on how to remedy negative energy for no additional cost. If they ever ask for any additional money to perform such a service, avoid them like the plague!

How to Avoid Psychic Scams
Finding a legitimate psychic or service is not difficult at all as long as you know what to look for. The best place to start is by asking friends for personal recommendations. If a recommendation is not available, next try one of the more reputable psychic services you can find by doing a search on the internet. Read their customer service policy carefully to see if they have any type of a satisfaction guarantee. A good service should always back up their readings with a no questions asked refund policy. If they don’t, simply avoid them and look for another that does.

Also take some time to review the psychics themselves. Read their bios and reviews to get an understanding about what other customers of the service have to say about them and the accuracy of their readings. Once you feel comfortable enough to make a selection, feel free to call them. However, if you are the least bit unhappy with the results, do not hesitate to call back and request a credit or refund. A legitimate service will do so without any problems.

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