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What does he want from our relationship? Online Lenorman Reading

What does he want from our relationship? Online Lenorman Reading

The Lenorman system of divination based on playing cards continues to gain popularity, so it seems timely to present here these cards with meanings specific to love and relationships. What he wants from our relationship is an online Lenorman card divination that indicates a man’s thoughts about you.

Choose 3 Lenorman cards from the deck and find out if the intended person loves you, what she wants from your relationship and if there is a threat.

Shuffle again

Are you still surprised that men are actually real romantics? The reason for the sudden eruption of passion is mainly due to the fact that men respond to visual stimuli. So if a man sees a woman who stimulates this stimulus beyond normal levels, his own body cells release dopamine, a mediating substance, and thus literally ignite a chain of romantic love. The object of his desire doesn’t even have to fit a certain pattern: what matters is how she enters the room, what perfume she uses, how she smiles … And love can come. Divination online “His plans for a relationship with me” will be a good assistant to you in this matter.

This, in turn, has to do with hormones: it is well known that people who have just fallen in love often behave quite strangely, from sudden to complete absence or to euphoria. And a man in love has a whole cocktail of hormones coursing through his bloodstream. It can overshadow all other feelings – which is why the philosopher Plato in ancient Greece concluded that love can only be a serious mental illness … Perhaps Plato had already noticed something that was not always the case at the time. The greatest fascination is: stuttering and sweating are as much a part of it as dry mouth or the occasional rapid heartbeat.


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