Zodiac Gifts for Cancer Birthday

Those born under this sign will enjoy a quiet birthday free from the trappings of flamboyance and boisterousness. They will enjoy a small get-together with family and close friends with a hearty party menu to celebrate. They will also enjoy recounting and hearing plenty of stories.


Cancerians are warm and home-loving. Gift them something that can be used to decorate their home or make it feel warm and welcoming. Think some colorful silk cushions, a warm quilt, a Persian carpet, table runners, table mats, a Chinese jar and so on. A porcelain jug for tea is a good idea too. Fresh flowers and plants add a dash of nature to the home and will be liked as well.

Horoscope wise, Cancerians usually enjoy gardening. A set of gardening tools, gardening books or potted plants make good gifts.

Gift some accessories with the Cancer sign. Look out for T-shorts, key rings, knick-knack boxes, mugs and so on. Also look for Cancer birthstone bracelets and other jewelry that feature their birthstone, the ruby.

Cancer horoscope folks are pretty sentimental, so look out for gifts with sentimental value, you can gift a mug with a photograph of both of you together for instance. You can also gift something personalized like a silver business card holder or a bracelet personalized with his or her name. You can even get a special poem written about him or her and gift it framed in an exquisite silver or wood frame, they will be bowled over by this sentimental present.

Many Cancerians love cooking and eating. Gift them some glossy cookbooks, a kitchen timer, funky apron, utensils or an appliance like a new microwave or barbecue. You can also thrill them by gifting a gourmet selection of meats and cheese. Another good idea is to take them out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or go on a picnic.

Cancerians are given to nostalgia. Dig out some antiques for them and they will be thrilled to bits. Look out for collectibles, old family photos, heirlooms and things that were available during their childhood but are hard to find these days.

You can also gift Cancerians something that will allow them to collect some wonderful memories like a digital camera or a video camera. They will also be excited with gifts like a travel memory book, a scrap book or an album.

This should get your ideas stirring to pick the ideal Zodiac gift for a Cancerian.

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