The Two of Wands

The Two of Wands follows the Ace and is a type of mirror image of the preceding card. Therefore Two in any Minor Arcana suit can show an opposition of the Ace, change, something being divided, or duality of sorts. The Two of Wands may show a man surveying the lands before him with a wand in his hand and another at his side. It seems that the beginnings of the Ace have multiplied, and there is something to build a career or project on. The initiation of the job or business has past, and the man is able to look to his next goal with promise and something he can work with. All twos show where the energy of the Ace has divided or multiplied to create a pair or doubled meaning.

The twos of the Minor Arcana also show where the querent first encounters opposing forces that go directly against the energy of the Ace, so in this situation it is implied that the Two of Wands is showing where one is splitting his efforts with a business instead of putting all of his energy into one idea or venture.

When more than one two appears in the same spread, there is an additional message available to the querent. Pairs of twos shows the ups and downs, cycles, and ever changing dynamics in the social and career realms while three of them points to trades and other transactions where people are exchanging things, and in this case, business contacts. There could also be a merger in the works. Having four twos in a spread indicates change and coming to a crossroads, which is very fitting considering that roads are usually bidirectional and four roads diverging would create a turning point of some kind. The Two of Wands may show a choice of two different career paths, business deals, or multiple offers when displayed in this context.

The Two of Wands in an Upright Position

A Two of Wands that appears upright in a tarot spread can signify the transfer of property from one person to another or a merger or partnership in a career or artistic pursuit. There may be interest in adding more property or business to one’s plate, and the querent is enthusiastically looking at expanding in some way. The querent was previously in a rut where his business and inspiration were concerned, and he is interested in experiencing new things and taking on new ventures in an attempt to avoid falling back into the same stagnant place that came before the Ace of Wands. There is definite optimism for the future where the Two of Wands resides, and there may be an opportunity to learn on the job or benefit form a business partner’s expertise. One may also be thinking about someone who is living far away or have them in mind for a business proposition or creative collective. The querent may also be using his skills as a leader to balance communications amongst co-workers or help with resolving other types of issues between people where he works or where his artistic efforts are concerned.

The meaning of all Minor Arcana cards can be modified by the cards that surround it. Court cards from the Minor Arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) all represent people. They have corresponding physical characteristics as well as their own astrological correspondences. The Two of Wands shows the querent his business partnerships, social interactions, and creative goals in complete balance or nearing it thanks to the querent’s ability to influence equilibrium. The court cards that fall closest to the Two of Wands will describe the people who play a part in this scene. They may also show who the participants are in a business merger or indicate those who would be suitable for including in creative or career plans for the future. There are, of course, other modifications that the Two Wands may undergo due to the influence of the Major Arcana cards in its vicinity. Some examples include the presence of the Tower will show that there is a feeling of complete devastation regarding news regarding the finances of a business, which would push the need for a merger even further. It is of note that this two in particular is important in terms of time period: there is news coming or action taking place in two days, weeks, months, or years.

The Two of Wands in a Reversed Position

The reversed position of each card of the Minor Arcana is really as it states: an inversion of the card’s meaning. The Two of Wands in a reversed position shows us that the habits of remaining in the same place are still with the querent. He has done all of the legwork and deserves to know the joy of expansion in his experience, profession, and creativity. However, the reversal of this card reveals an overturned world and a business man literally hanging onto his one wand for dear life as the other sits on the floor. This shows that the querent is, on some level, afraid of success and doesn’t want to travel outside of his comfort zone in order to gain more credibility or notoriety with his business or art. Perhaps the desire is there, but the action is not, as the individual in the illustration would be unwilling to let go of the wand that keeps him from dropping to the ground with the other wand.

This could also show an unwillingness to go down with the ship in terms of a business venture, or reveal a career change that saves the querent from suffering loss and hardship as there is still one stable wand that stays in its place when the world turns over. This could also show that the querent may be undergoing stress, frustration, or chaos during a business deal, but the outcome will reap more rewards than abandoning all bargaining and deal making. There is also a feeling here that represents longevity in one choice of business and collapse in the next. This is a caution for the querent to do his homework, and choose wisely when faced with two choices in business.

Key Terms

  • Business deals
  • Mergers
  • Twos in time
  • Expansion
  • Creative collaborations
  • Communication issues at work
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