The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords follows the Ace and is a type of mirror image of the preceding card. Therefore Two in any Minor Arcana suit can show an opposition of the Ace, change, something being divided, or duality of sorts. The Two of Swords may show a blindfolded individual holding two swords crossed over each other. It seems that the beginnings of the Ace have divided in this scenario, and there is suddenly a need to keep one’s grievances hidden for the moment. The cancellation of plans or breakthrough experienced in the previous card has dispersed, and there is a need to hold one’s tongue or keep  anxiety, anger, or worry in check. All twos show where the energy of the Ace has divided or multiplied to create a pair or doubled meaning. The twos of the Minor Arcana also show where the querent first encounters opposing forces that go directly against the energy of the Ace, so in this situation it is implied that the Two of Swords is showing where one is restraining themselves, but there is a deeper feeling of a grudge being held against another. Perhaps someone was stood up or a divorce didn’t work out in the querent’s favour.

When more than one two appears in the same spread, there is an additional message available to the querent. Pairs of twos shows the ups and downs, cycles, and ever changing dynamics in volatile situations while three of them points to trades and other transactions where people are exchanging things, and in this case, there may be exchanges of malicious gossip, insults, or one may have to give someone else bad news. Having four twos in a spread indicates change and coming to a crossroads, which is very fitting considering that roads are usually bidirectional and four roads diverging would create a turning point of some kind. The Two of Swords may show a choice of two different reactions or ways of handling a disagreement or an opportunity to let go of a grudge when in this context.

The Two of Swords in an Upright Position

The Upright positioning of the Two of Swords shows a period when keeping one’s negative and angry thoughts to oneself is the right course of action to take. There is definitely resentment and a grudge being held, but the best way to handle things for the time being is by sitting back and taking a minute to let things settle before unleashing on someone who has wronged the querent. The querent may be blinded by anger or have two existing emotions about the one who has wronged him. It could be that the divorce or separation from the previous card is still raw, but the querent still loves their partner or has a problem letting go because they were emotionally invested in the partnership. There may be rumours that need to be put to rest, or people may talking behind the querent’s back. The querent is on edge, but has to remain pleasant to keep up appearances in some way, which is common with custody battles where each party must be civil despite their anger for the sake of their children. Another possibility is that the querent is caught in the middle of another person’s argument and is confused about which side to take or if taking a side is even a wise move to make.

The meaning of all Minor Arcana cards can be modified by the cards that surround it. Court cards from the Minor Arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) all represent people. They have corresponding physical characteristics as well as their own astrological correspondences. A Two of Swords will show all conflicts and the need to avoid butting in or blowing up. Therefore, a court card near the Two of Swords shows the querent who they are feeling ambivalent about or who they are needing to avoid during this time of intense and passionate anger. This may also be the person who wronged the querent. Whatever the case, this is a warning to steer clear of this person for the time being until the querent can put his emotions into perspective. Another important thing to note is the Major Arcana cards that are placed around the Two of Swords. If the Lovers card is close by in the spread, it shows that someone is attempting to come between the querent and their partner while the Devil can show that someone is spreading very malicious, character assassinating gossip. This could be the querent himself or someone who means the querent harm.

The Two of Swords in a Reversed Position

The reversed position of each card of the Minor Arcana is really as it states: an inversion of the card’s meaning. In some cases, it can intensify the meaning of a card. The Two of Swords reversed shows us that the individual has been spilled from their seat while blindfolded and has either dropped their swords, or has cut themselves with them during the fall. This is very symbolic of the results of spreading gossip about others where it comes back to haunt the querent. There could be an inability to hold still and avoid reacting to a situation. The querent may have been unable to hold their tongue and could have made things worse for themselves in the process. They have been blindfolded the whole time as is shown in the illustration on the card, which shows that they may have unexpectedly blown up on someone or have suffered from someone else losing their temper at a moment’s notice.

A reversed Two of Swords shows where one may have had an outburst that has hurt them more than it has helped them. There may have been an emotional scene during a court case, or the querent may have said or did something that works against him in divorce proceedings or another court case. The querent may have found out about the gossip that is floating around and could have made things worse for himself by acting out in anger., Whatever the case, the reversal of the Two of Swords shows that the inability to keep to oneself during a time of hostility has only served to hurt his chances of redemption, and distanced his opportunity to prove the accusations against him to be false.

Key Terms

  • Gossip
  • Hurtful words
  • Insults
  • Keep to oneself
  • Stay away from arguments
  • Refrain from taking sides
  • Being Caught in the middle
  • Angry outbursts
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