The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands shows, as with all threes, fertile ground and creativity. This is said to be the case because it combines the Ace and Two that it follows in its suit and the tarot deck itself. The Three of Wands shows two wands standing in the soil while a  third is held by a man who is surveying the body of water before him from shore. There is good fortune shown by this card, which shows that the promise of the Ace and Two of Cups is or will be fulfilled. The querent began with an idea, grew and nurtured it, and can now finally put his plans into big scale action.

The Three of Wands gives the appearance of planning a departure or looking for large expansion. All threes are representative of wholeness and the holy trinity which is the complete union of all aspects of God. They show how the effort used in the first two cards has paid off, so the querent can see the early fruits of his labour in the realm of creative aspiration. The proper groundwork has been completed and everything is going well, which should be savoured.

When more than one three appears in the same spread, there is a more well-defined interpretation that can be revealed to the querent. Pairs of threes portray being productive in one’s work and achieving the proper amount of focus, and three of these foretells the need to make some decisions before covering more ground towards one’s goals. It seems that there is still more work to be done. Having four threes in a spread shows awards, achievement, and accolades, which can sometimes go hand in hand. The Three of Wands may imply that the happiness that the querent is experiencing has been earned and not simply experienced when indicated in this context.

The Three of Wands in an Upright Position

With an upright Three of Wands, the querent is forecast to take part in overseas transactions or become part of a three person business deal. Things are definitely coming together for him, and he is beginning to see the pay-off. There could be travel for business in the querent’s future, and this may be over water. A massive amount of communications will be occurring, and there may be many of social and professional. This is also a time for falling comfortably into a position of leadership or management. There is a ton of trade going on, and the future is looking bright here, so the querent is challenged to put in as much work as possible and dedicate his energy to helping things continue on an upper trajectory.

The meaning of all Minor Arcana cards can be modified by the cards that surround it. Court cards from the Minor Arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) all represent people. They have corresponding physical characteristics as well as their own astrological correspondences. The Three of Wands signifies how one’s hard work and brilliant ideas have paid off. Any court cards that fall around this will reveal to the querent any professional contacts or business partners that will be key members of your team during your expansion. They can also represent support staff, investors, or other individuals who will be a part of making your plans a reality. Major Arcana cards can also narrow down the interpretation. The Moon will show that the querent is working late every night to make things happen, and with the Wheel of Fortune there is confirmation that every idea you pitch will be a hit.

The Three of Wands in a Reversed Position

The reversed position of each card of the Minor Arcana is really as it states: an inversion of the card’s meaning. The reversal of the Three of Wands shows the querent waiting much longer for things to fully develop on the creative and professional fronts. Things are hitting snags, and investors may even back out due to changing their minds or heading in a different direction. There is only a complete failure with deal making and expansion if the surrounding cards determine it, so one is advised to continue with their ventures and be patient. The querent should avoid trying to force things to happen, or he could find himself irritating buyers and potential clients with his pushiness. There is a need to sit back and wait while planning things further in order to succeed when the reversed Three of Wands is present. On the other hand, the business may also be experiencing a lull where it needs to be downsized as opposed to expanded. There also could be delays with shipping or receiving.

Should there be the right cards in its company, the Three of Wands could be indicating a cancelled trip or a disastrous voyage with its own delays and issues. The querent may want to postpone or reschedule his travel plans for another time that is more favourable if there are swords and ill-fated trump cards nearby. The Three of Wands in a reversed position is a good indicator of what kind of action must be taken in order to accomplish what one set out to do. It seems that the success of this project is really all about the querent’s response to stress and setbacks, and a professional attitude will speak volumes about the level headed man, or woman, at the helm, making partners, employees, and future investors excited to work with the querent as opposed to being uneasy about it. It is best to sit back and relax while everything gets back on track, so you can avoid any outbursts, stressful ticks, or micromanagement you may normal undertake should this occur. This is more about setting an example and speaks to your leadership abilities more than you can know.

Key Terms

  • Patience
  • Planning
  • Overseas business transactions
  • Travel and business trips
  • Expansion
  • Good fortune with arts and professional goals
  • Rewards for preparation and hard work.
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