The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups shows a younger gentleman, or even a young girl with this card, who could be considered a child or younger adult who is in touch with his motions and may be rather sensitive. He has a cup in his hand that may contain a fish. The page shown here may appear pleasant and slightly androgynous. There is symbolism of plans and ideas becoming real things as opposed to thought forms, and the page in the illustration has an open-minded look to him that shows his willingness to try new things in order to achieve a goal. There is modern thinking in the Page of Cups.

The court cards of each Minor Arcana Suit represent people, and the physical and astrological characteristics of a person as well. In the case of pages, there is no astrologically significant information available. However, there is an elemental property assigned to each page, which has its own earth energy that is mixed with the energy of the suit they appear in. For instance, The Page of Cups shows a combination of water and earth energy, which embodies reflection. This indicates that the Page of Cups in a spread is speaking of reflection or contemplation of some sort. The physical characteristics often found to accompany a Page of Cups individual include light eyes of grey, blue, or green, as well as dirty blonde to mid-level brown hair. It is advised that the querent pay attention to a younger individual with these physical characteristics when the Page of Cups appears in a layout.

Although there is very little to go on in terms of an outright card meaning, the surrounding cards will be of immense influence and importance to the Page of Cups and the interpretation of it.

The Page of Cups in an Upright Position

An upright Page of Cups in a tarot spread is said to represent a younger girl or boy who is in their teenage years. This particular page will appear where there is an androgynous individual of this age being indicated. This young individual will be very sensitive and emotional at times as is fitting, considering his presence in the Suit of Cups. This young person will be a shy person who is uninterested in the rough and tough play that boys usually engage in. He may lean more towards being an artist than an athlete and enjoys artistic pursuits due to his sensitive nature and the elemental water energy aspects at play within this individual. Whenever a court card appears in a spread, it does not necessarily always signify a real human being, but a quality within the card that the querent needs to take up as part of his own persona or philosophies in order to experience growth and a better outlook on life.

The Page of Cups shows that there may be a need to become more sensitive and emotional in one’s everyday dealings. The querent may be asked to exercise compassion when he encounters a specific situation or person. In addition, there is an emphasis on using other outlets for eliminating aggression besides the physical. It is time for the querent to experience artistic pursuits and take up a hobby that uses creativity to take shape. The querent may also find tat when the Page of Cups appears, there are plans and ideas forming that can be used to the querent’s advantage. The querent may also find that he is himself experiencing an influx of ideas that can be used in the realm of romance or for an emotional project. Take this opportunity to reflect on the situations you have encountered in life and use these as fuel for your creative fire.

The Page of Cups in a Reversed Position

A reversal of a court card has an inverse meaning that corresponds with the court card it is attached to. In the case of the Page of Cups, a reversal shows that the querent is going to encounter an aggressive young person who may have anger and rebellion on his mind. This individual is very masculine and prefers to use his time taking part in athletics, cars, and other immensely masculine pursuits. He is very unemotional and may seem numb to others’ feelings. He may have a lack of compassion for others and is incapable of sensitivity or empathy. This individual may be extremely outgoing and flamboyant, which could show where he is hiding from his emotions through crude jokes and darker thoughts. This person is not in any way interested in evaluating their emotional side and may scoff at those who urge him to. The Page of Cups in a reversed position can also sometimes show a troubled teen who may not be taking care of his emotional needs like he should. The querent will find that this could represent an older child of their own or that of a friend or sibling that is having a hard time emotionally and has been using substances to numb out and block feelings out of his mind.

When the querent encounters a reversed page, it is time for them to stop dwelling on the past and become less emotional. There is a warning here that too much reflection can cause someone to live in the past or have troubles with letting go of emotional issues or memories. There is a huge need for the emotional part of the querent to be closed off at the moment. Perhaps the querent is in need of some time away from addressing his issues and simply needs to take on superficial activities and thoughts in order to comeback to this area of life with a different perspective. In addition, the querent may need to re-evaluate the message he sends to potential lovers regarding his personality. There is a need for the querent to embrace his masculinity and be a manly partner in order to appeal more to those of the opposite sex.

Key Terms

  • Fair skinned boy or girl
  • Young adult or teen
  • Grey, green, or blue eyes
  • Light to medium brown hair
  • Sensitivity over brute strength
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