The Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups usually shows an individual seated on what may be a throne or bench of some kind. There are nine cups set up on the wall or table behind him that are lined up in an arch shape. The individual looks extremely happy with himself and almost proud. Nines in the Minor Arcana show completion since they are the final single-digit numeral in each of the four suits.

This shows in the Nine of Cups as what has happened as a result of the actions taken by the querent in his love life up until the time of the reading, or it may show an end result to the torrid tale. All nines show the most perfect that any situation can be, and are the final results of all of the work, conflict, and experience  that has been endured thus far. This is truly the culmination of all that the querent has sacrificed and tried so hard to attain.

When more than one nine appears in the same spread, there is an amplified and more specific meaning available to the querent. Pairs of nines indicate answered questions from one’s past self in the area of marriage and emotional relationships while three of them signify the need for caution as if everything in love is too good to be true. Having four nines in a layout show the querent being surrounded by his closest friends and favourite family members. The Nine of Cups indicates where the querent has done well in emotional matters. He now has the ability to spend his time with cherished loved ones, celebrating his successes and what he has learned.

The Nine of Cups in an Upright Position

The Nine of Cups that appears upright in a spread can deliver some bright and promising news about the querent and their romantic future. There has been emotional fulfilment and immense abundance in the romantic area of his life. There is a feeling that the querent has been granted a long-standing and closely cherished wish in love. There is a celebration of sorts to be had, and this can signify the true coming together of a relationship after a long hard road through the ups and downs of life and the ebb and flow of energy in a relationship. Hopes and dreams are finally coming to fruition for the querent and his lover, and there is a reason to be joyous and grateful for everything that has preceded the Nine of Cups. There is prosperity and a great deal of emotional contentment that can be foretold from the upright positioning of this card, and the querent will find that he has reached all of the aspirations he could ever imagine achieving in his romantic endeavours.

The meaning of all Minor Arcana cards can be modified by the cards that surround it. Court cards from the Minor Arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) all represent people. They have corresponding physical characteristics as well as their own astrological correspondences. The Nine of Cups shows where the querent has had his wildest dreams come true in the realm of romantic relationships. There is a true coming together of two people and there is absolute harmony for the querent and his partner on the horizon with this card. The court cards that fall near the Nine of Cups will reveal those who are an excellent addition to one’s married life. These can be family friends, family themselves, children, and any one who has helped to contribute to the couple’s happiness throughout their journey and up to this point. Major Arcana cards will also help to focus the interpretation:The Nine of Cups falling into a tarot spread along with the Star shows that a wish that is going to be granted is guaranteed so, and a Devil card near the Nine of Cups will show where there is someone out there who is envious of you and your happiness; they are interested in destroying your joy and would do nearly anything to undermine or dismantle it.

The Nine of Cups in a Reversed Position

The reversed position of each card of the Minor Arcana is really as it states: an inversion of the card’s meaning. Therefore, the reversed Nine of Cups is an answer of ‘no’ from the universe in regards to the granting of a big wish of the querent’s. The cups have been completely emptied out and have been strewn all over the floor. Even the individual in the illustration’s demeanour has changed as the inversion of the Nine of Cups shows his smile turned to a sobbing expression. This shows an ultimate separation and ending to what one once thought was the one and only reserved especially for him on this earth.

Unfortunately, the querent is not going to have his wishes and prayers heard, and there is instead of contentment and happiness, great sadness over the loss of a very close romantic partner that was extremely important to the querent. This loss could be due to divorce or unexpected illness and death. The love story of the querent in this situation is no less beautiful, but it is tragic, and the querent will need time to recover from the blow. Friends and family will be there to support him, but there is a lot of healing that will have to occur and some time out of the romantic area of life in order to gain some perspective on the matter. The cups can be replenished with emotion and romantic love, but again, the querent will have to find this in himself before he has the capacity to share this with another following this shattering loss. There will be a brighter day, but the clouds of today must be witnessed and addressed before one can move on with his life.

Key Terms

  • Joy
  • Festivities
  • Granted wishes
  • Realizing long-term goals
  • Hard work paying off
  • Absolute harmony with another
  • Romantic bliss
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