The King of Wands

The King of Wands sits in opulence atop his mighty throne while grasping his sprouted wand with a mystical cape that is long and flowing. He is businessman, and he is highly skilled as well as confident. This king has the gift of gab and can turn people’s opinions very quickly and easily through use of the powers of persuasion. A great motivator, this man is secure in who he is because he knows what he’s talking about and can back this understanding up with many accomplishments. The King of Wands is a very cultured and powerful leader, and he encounters public recognition for his contributions to charities and other worthy causes that he believes in. The King of Wands is an authority in his field and strives to make a difference while caring deeply for his family.

The court cards of each Minor Arcana Suit represent people, and the physical and astrological characteristics of a person as well. In the case of kings, there are astrologically significant details that should be made known.  The King of Wands is associated with the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. The nature of the energy that is carried by the King of Wands is considered fixed for Scorpio and mutable for Sagittarius. This shows that these individuals are very flexible and have the quality of adaptability in their energies when the individual being identified is a Sagittarius, and there is stable and constant energy within the Scorpio described by the King of Wands. The elemental property of this particular king, which is fire energy, mixes with the energy of the suit he appears in: fire energy. The King of Wands shows a doubling up of fire energy, which embodies illumination, bringing light out from within us all to brighten the planet. This indicates that the King of Wands in a spread is speaking to the light in everything. The physical characteristics often found to accompany a King of Cups individual include brown eyes and light to deep brown hair. It is advised that the querent pay attention to the man depicted in the King of Wands that has these physical characteristics.

Although there is very little to go on in terms of an outright card meaning, the surrounding cards will be of immense influence and importance to the King of Wands and the interpretation of it.

The King of Wands in an Upright Position

The King of Wands shows a very magnetic man when in its upright position. He’s authoritative and fair in all of his dealings and able to solve most problems with very little effort. He is wise and secure in himself when it comes to decision-making. The upright King of Wands is full of ideas and highly optimistic about all of his ventures. There is an indication that this man is immensely talented with his powers to motivate the masses with a few carefully chosen words and a bit of warmth. Whenever a court card appears in a spread, it does not necessarily always signify a real human being, but a quality within the card that the querent needs to take up as part of his own persona or philosophies in order to experience growth and a better outlook on life.

The querent can expect that if the King of Wands is present in a spread, he is being challenged to put his talents of persuasion to work for himself. The querent is being asked to become a leader who can back his words with deeds. The upright King of Wands is very energetic and can take on many projects based on his ability to impassion others and gain favour with the press. He has a great imagination and amazing initiative. He is friendly and appreciates beauty in its many forms. The upright King of Wands is youthful underneath his mature exterior, so he can relate to children as ell as adults quite well. The querent may already embody these qualities or they many know someone else who does.

The King of Wands in a Reversed Position

A reversal of a court card has an inverse meaning that corresponds with the court card it is attached to. A reversed King of Wands is a dictator. He tells people what to think, how to feel, which way to act, and if anyone falls out of line, they are removed form his presence as if exiled. The King of Wands in this position can be violent and quick to anger. In addition, the King of Wands in a reversal will try to brainwash or convince people that he is ordained to give orders and control people’s actions with the same charm and wit of the upright version.

At times, the querent will be the one embodying the same qualities. They can be experiencing a time of similar moods and motives. The querent could be having issues with being over-controlling and too passionate about his own ideas. The querent may have the power to turn people into a mob of believers, and this is dangerous. The King of Wands in a reversed positioning shows the querent to be a fear-monger, and when crossed, the querent could become volatile. The querent will be happy to know that the king’s ideas and initiative will still be intact, but there is a thread of anger and tyrannical rule engrained in him. There is no arguing with the querent, for if one should fall out of line, there would be dire consequences.

Key Terms

  • Abusing power
  • Imagination
  • Dictatorial
  • Charming
  • Wealthy
  • Security
  • Self-disciplined
  • Motivator
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