The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles shows the activities that occur after the promotion in the third card of the Suit of Pentacles. The career or artistic project commenced, and the querent has paid his dues, now the thriving business is in operation. The Four of Pentacles commonly shows a man sitting with two pentacles beneath his feet, one grasped in his arms, and another balanced on his head. It appears that the querent has found early success in a business venture and is in a place where things are starting to run smoothly, and he can plan his next big move.

There are profits to be reinvested, and the querent may have an opportunity to advance his position further. Fours in the Minor Arcana show sturdy foundations, and thus, the Four of Cups illustrates stable finances and having a solid business plan for the future.


When more than one four shows itself in the same tarot spread, there is a deeper message available to the querent. Pairs of fours indicate event invitations or promises that have been made good on in business or with business relationships while three of them shows contracts and many people working towards a common goal in the workplace. Having four fours in a reading implies eternal bonds that have a timeless quality to them, which is excellent news in terms of the Suit of Pentacles and its references to finance and business ownership. The Four of Pentacles may indicate a time of settling in that happens in a business that has made a name for itself after a period where there has been a need to prove oneself.

The Four of Pentacles in an Upright Position

When the Four of Pentacles shows itself in a tarot layout, it augurs a stable business with a solid foundation. There is a realistic vision that has been realized, and the querent may find himself in a position where he can sit back and plan his next level of expansion. There may be a little bit of performance anxiety shown here, but this is more of a feeling than a reality, which will pass in its own time. There is a warning to avoid becoming rigid with spending the profits in a business as there will be an eventual need for reinvesting these. The querent may purchase property of some kind as part of this expansion or may purchase commercial space for setting up permanent offices. There are many more milestones to reach, but the querent is off to a great start.

The meaning of all Minor Arcana cards can be modified by the cards that surround it. Court cards from the Minor Arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) all represent people. They have corresponding physical characteristics as well as their own astrological correspondences. The Four of Pentacles foretells of desks, banks, banks and deposit boxes, and savings accounts. There is also a lot of planning for the future. The court cards that fall in this group with the Four of Pentacles show employees, business contacts, and supporters who will help to make your expansion plans a reality. They may also have had a hand in where this business is today, so there is good reason to thank them for their help in creating your vision. There are Major Arcana cards that can make the Four of Pentacles’ meaning more specific. These include the High Priestess, which shows how one may use occult knowledge in order to provide spiritual advice or forecast their business dealings in some way. However, the Tower with the Four of Pentacles is a warning of bankruptcy.

The Four of Pentacles in a Reversed Position

The reversed position of each card of the Minor Arcana is really as it states: an inversion of the card’s meaning. The reversed Four of Pentacles shows that the pentacles beneath the individual’s feet are now being balanced by the man, the pentacle in his arms is still there, but the one on his head has fallen away. This could show that there are shaky foundations beneath a business or investment. The querent’s business may not be so stable, after all, and there may not be as much money available to him as he may have first thought. This may have happened because the querent was too focused on holding onto the one pentacle while he was losing the other three. Another interpretation is that the individual is spending too much money on frivolous things and is going to lose his business because he isn’t spending the money he makes on useful things for his business.

There is also a huge possibility that the querent has an issue with gambling or a compulsive shopping habit that is taking away from his business and eating up all of the profits. The point is that the Four of Pentacles is warning the querent to keep his money for when it’s needed instead of throwing it away the minute it’s deposited. There will come a time when the business needs the reinvestment, and if the profits are gone, there will be nothing left to do but close the doors and sell the shop. The querent should also be wary of those in his family who are spending money like it’s water. The querent may not be the one with the poor spending habits, but whoever it is, they will ruin the querent’s chance of sustaining his business. There also could be a lack of dependability when the reversed Four of Pentacles is shown. Perhaps employees are showing up late or not at all, and there could be an issue with someone in the business pocketing money when no one is looking. Whatever the case may be, the querent is urged to perform a balancing of the books and evaluate where he stands before spending too much or buying extravagant items.

Key Terms

  • Miserly
  • Frivolous spending
  • Stable business foundations
  • Business plans for the future
  • Banking and budgeting finances
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