Tarot Reading – Will my wish come true

Fortune telling – is the wish destined to come true or not?

Attempts to predict the future have always fascinated humanity. We fear the unknown, and the future, like death, is one of the great uncertainties. To overcome this fear, people since ancient times have tried in every way to overcome the mysteries of the future.


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Foretelling on a crystal ball, tea leaves, heavenly bodies, human palms, bones, yarrow stems, shells, stones, coins – these are just some of the items used to predict the future. We offer you online fortune telling – the most accurate and modern way to get an answer to your question about wish fulfillment, make sense of the situation, look into the future. 

You will get a unique message, insight, wisdom and help you choose the best one for your situation. If you’ve never encountered this unusual and quite simple method of online wish-telling, we highly recommend that you try it!

Historical tour

Гhe dreaming has been an important activity from ancient times to the present day. In some cultures, such as the American Indians, the future was predicted in dreams. In other cultures, such as ancient Babylon, it was related to the movement of the planets. African shepherds considered the insides of a ritually slaughtered bull.The ancient Chinese used oracle bones to understand the future. During the Shang dynasty, the king would ask the ancestors questions on behalf of the people. The divination ceremony usually took place in the palace. The royal musicians played. Voters asked the gods about the weather, crop forecasts, the fate of royal family members, and wars.

Иhe use of bones for osteomancy has been known in many cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Religion and divination

It is interesting that most religions condemn divination, but their texts contradict it. Christianity, for example, strictly forbids divination, but the pages of the Bible make predictions. It turns out that guessing “holy apostles,” etc. Only “special” people can. Everyone else is declared “heretics” and equated with the devil. Christianity is not the only one, most major religions do not allow ordinary people to use divination.


Spells online

So what do modern pagans do? Of course, you can buy dice, go to a shaman, or learn to predict the future yourself. There are many ways to look at the unknown. We suggest you use the online version of “throwing the dice” divination, which visualizes almost every detail of the present. This method is simple, original and completely free. No registration or permission is required. You can use it every morning instead of boring horoscope reading. Whether you are new to mystical activity or a seasoned practitioner, we hope you find online divination fun and interesting!



Guessing the future through online fortune telling can be fun and exciting, but you shouldn’t take it too seriously. If you get an answer you’re not happy with, it’s probably just a sign of destiny – but do you need it? Looking into the future and seeing if your wish will come true is much easier than everyone thought before. You can do it without the help of professional fortune tellers. Simple answers during online divination can magically affect a person’s fate and help their ideas come true.

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