Three-card Tarot Reading for Immediate Future

In the Three-Card tarot reading, you choose three cards that represent your past, present and future. Even though this tarot spread is quite simple, it remains one of the most popular tarot readings for immediate future. Not only does it help to determine the best way to move forward with your current situation, it also offers some explanations as to why that situation has occurred.

If you are eager to know your immediate future, three-card tarot reading is right what you are looking for. This seemingly simple tarot divination for the immediate future can give us clear answers to our questions and tell us what to expect in the coming days or weeks.


State a specific question mentally and select 3 cards from the deck

You should concentrate on the situation that concerns you and only then begin the fortune-telling process. You will get three tarot cards representing:

Free Past-Present-Future tarot reading

Three-Card Tarot Readings, as the name suggests, involve drawing three cards from the Tarot deck to gain insights into the near future. Each card in the Tarot deck carries its own unique symbolism and meaning, contributing to a rich and nuanced interpretation of the immediate events and energies surrounding the querent.

  1. The First Card – Present Situation: This card represents the current circumstances or energies influencing the querent. It serves as a starting point, offering context for understanding the unfolding events in the immediate future.

  2. The Second Card – Challenges and Opportunities: The second card sheds light on potential challenges or opportunities that may arise. It helps the individual anticipate and navigate obstacles or advantageous moments in the days ahead.
  3. The Third Card – Future Outcome: The final card in the spread provides a glimpse into the likely outcome or resolution of the situation. It acts as a guide, offering insights into the direction in which the querent’s path may lead.

Three-Card Tarot Readings

You can use this online fortune telling method with tarot cards more than once, as long as you ask different questions every time you do it. Only then tarot cards will give you honest answers. It is important not to ask the same question or enquire about the same situation more than once a day; otherwise the whole point of fortune telling will be missed.

Our website offers many other divinations that you can use to further clarify your situation or to verify the truthfulness of the tarot readings for immediate future. The Seven Stars love tarot reading will help you with the matters of the heart, while the Book of Changes and Runic or Bone divinations – with any other issues you might face.

Tarot reading is not a best method if you need a simple Yes or No answer. Better use our Yes or No Fortune telling method that will help you make an unbiased decision.

There is one very important thing that all divinations have in common: you have to focus on situation you need help with. If you do this, any fortune-telling will be truthful. No matter what problems you encounter — online divinations will always help you to find a right solution.

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