Mythological Tarot – “Forecast for today, tomorrow and the week by the zodiac signs

Zodiac signs, it’s time to discover the possibilities of today, tomorrow, and the week!


No matter what’s bothering any zodiac sign today, remember that tomorrow is a new day! Get a prediction about today and get a helpful forecast of what tomorrow holds for your zodiac sign!

Таро прогноз на сегодня, завтра и неделю по знаку зодиака

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Tarot card divination, horoscope, astrology, psychics are tools to be able to see the future to know what will happen in the coming days or weeks.

The Mythological Tarot offers a unique approach to the Tarot that teaches you how to use the energies and archetypes of the Senior Arcs to manifest and enhance your desired results. The Tarot is a powerful tool for divination. But its magic goes far beyond divination and prediction.

The Tarot cards represent situations that we experience as we progress through life, with each card containing specific messages of perspective and guidance. Each individual Tarot card contains rich symbolism filled with energy and vibrancy.

This energy can be applied to almost all forms of manifestation, making your Tarot deck a powerful magical tool that you can use to invoke certain results in spells and ritual work.

With the Mythological Tarot, you will learn the specific focus of the manifestation of each card of the Senior Arcs, as well as the rituals corresponding to each card:

  • Use Mag for confidence and glamour
  • Use the High Priestess to help with dream work and divination.
  • Use Imperatrix to keep your creative projects fertile and grounded.
  • Use the Imperor for promotion or professional success.
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