Free heartbreak tarot spread

The free Tarot spread “Broken Heart” can become your reliable companion in moments of pain and suffering. If someone has hurt you or you have encountered disappointment in relationships, this spread can help you make sense of what’s happening and find a path to healing.

The “Healing from a Broken Heart” Tarot Spread

Let’s take a look at the seven-card “Broken Heart” Tarot spread. Each card in this spread offers unique insights into your pain and the path to healing. It will help you clarify the situation, find inner peace, and embrace your emotions, allowing you to move forward with new strength and confidence.

Card №1: The Root of Your Sorrow

The first card in this spread represents the primary cause of your sorrow. It could be something related to your relationships, a specific situation, or even internal conflicts. This card helps you clarify what exactly led to the break-up and understand which aspects of your relationships or personality need to be addressed for healing to occur.

Card №2: How You’re Dealing with Your Emotions

This card reflects your current emotional state and mechanisms for coping with emotional pain. It helps you realize how you’re reacting to your grief: whether you’re accepting it, denying it, feeling anger, or perhaps withdrawing from it. Understanding your reactions can help you cope more effectively with the difficulties.

Card №3: Lessons from Relationships

The third card helps you extract lessons from your broken heart and understand what you’ve learned from this experience. These lessons may be painful, but they help you better understand yourself, your desires, and your relationship needs. They are valuable experiences that can help you avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Card №4: How to Heal and Move Forward

This card offers actions, attitudes, or perspectives that can help you emotionally recover and move forward. It provides direction and suggests what needs to be done to feel better and start a new chapter in your life.

Card №5: Rebuilding Self-Confidence

The fifth card helps you rebuild your confidence and self-esteem after a broken heart. It reminds you of your strengths and potential, and it offers ways to boost self-esteem and self-belief.

Card №6: External Factors Affecting Your Healing

The sixth card explores external factors that may influence your healing process. This could include support from friends and family, new opportunities, or life circumstances. Understanding these factors helps you utilize them to your advantage on the path to healing.

Card №7: Outcome of Your Healing Process

The final card in the spread represents the outcome of your healing process. It serves as the destination of your healing journey, helping you understand where you’re emotionally headed and what to expect in the near future. It provides hope and guidance on your path to recovery and new beginnings.

Why Do You Need the “Broken Heart” Tarot Spread?

A broken heart can cause immense pain, but it can also open the door to personal growth and self-understanding. In times of difficulty, the Tarot deck becomes an invaluable tool, offering not only consolation but also deep insight into the situation and a glimpse of the future.

Our free “Broken Heart” Tarot spread is designed to help anyone experiencing emotional pain cope with it, make sense of their emotions, and draw lessons from their experiences. This spread will help you find a path to healing and moving forward in your life. It’s one of the love Tarot spreads capable of providing deep understanding of your emotional state and guiding you toward healing.

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