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Fortune-telling on playing cards – “For a love relationship”

Fortune-telling on playing cards – “For a love relationship”

To love unconditionally means to have absolute trust without any possessiveness. Unselfish love is not tied to any conditions and endures all disappointments – for the sake of happiness, freedom and ease. A divination on playing cards – “On Love Relationships” will tell you that when you love unselfishly, you open your heart and overcome pain and fear. You don’t expect those around you to love you, you forgive mistakes and know the power of mercy. But can everyone learn to love unconditionally?

Fortune-telling on designer cards on relationships
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Unconditional love is about being and bliss. It is about yourself and others. In the Bible John says, “God is love, and everyone who loves is in God and God in him. To love unconditionally is to love for love’s sake, not because it seeks retribution. Unqualified love includes love for God, for all people, animals, and plants. If one loves unconditionally, it is a gift to oneself.

In love relationships, unselfish love is the ideal, but it is difficult to realize. If only one partner is capable of unselfish love, they risk pain and exploitation. Both partners have expectations, and they subconsciously calculate how much the other gives and how much they take. Those who can love unconditionally give the other freedom, joy, and happiness without being submissive. True love comes true when you realize your good thoughts, feelings and actions in every second of your life with deep inner joy in action.


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