Dog – Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac Dog – Personality and Characteristics

Dog – 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

People of this sign possess the best traits of human nature. They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire others since they can keep secrets. However, they are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. They care little for wealth but always seem to have money. They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues.

As all nations know, the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac is a true friend of man. She is always loved. Often we cannot imagine our life without a Dog. They evoke undying sympathy. Unlike a cat, which is busy with itself, the Dog, according to the Chinese horoscope, completely gives itself to the owner. Chinese sages believe that Dogs are born pessimists and are constantly in anxiety.

The combination of elements and animals over the years will not determine a standard set of character traits for a person. Unlike the western one, the eastern horoscope defines some possibilities for everyone, while the western one exclusively describes goals and intentions. Thanks to the eastern horoscope, one can determine the orientation of spiritual requests for each person, the style for one’s own expression, as well as how to interact with others and the whole world. In the table below, you can easily determine your sign according to the Chinese Zodiac:

They don’t know why they are suffering. This is probably due to the fact that such animals are used to constantly serving, and therefore cannot understand their deep essence. For them, life is just a moment that serves as a short bridge to another world. A dog is happy if it is born during the day. Dogs born at night will be on guard all their lives, like sentries. It is very difficult for them to relax and release their worries.

Often the life of the Dog according to the Chinese horoscope is unstable, except for childhood, when parents protect it. Youth, as a rule, is overshadowed by unhappy love, and mature years are colored by fear of loss. Old age is full of regrets about the life lived, about unfulfilled projects. And yet there are means to make their lives happy. From childhood, they need to be forced to live in the present and enjoy every moment lived.

Year of birth: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006. According to the eastern horoscope, Dogs do not look like other people, but they are united by one quality – they are terribly restless. They always develop vigorous activity and try to solve all urgent problems. They are always in a hurry somewhere, often suffer from insomnia and this upset their nerves.

Year of the Dog – Chinese Zodiac Signs Meanings

These people try to work without a break and therefore turn into real tyrants. They are always preoccupied, because they know that they are on earth temporarily. Dogs work selflessly, but, nevertheless, are always skeptical. According to the eastern horoscope, dogs are born into the world already with their own philosophy. They come weighed down by unsatisfied desires and guilt.

They bravely walk along their life path, looking for moments for success. To fully understand them, you need to look deeper into their subconscious. They constantly ask themselves – what is my purpose? Dogs are not overly sociable, but cordial and entertaining when not at the table. Even the most talkative and adaptable Dogs are not able to withstand the cynical criticism inherent in a tipsy company.

They always look at the world with a sober look, aware of their weaknesses. Therefore, their humor usually seems dark, and they are harsh with those who are considered careerists and upstarts. Dogs are trusted, and rightfully so. You can always come to them with your problems, because no one better than them can penetrate into the essence of the Cause.

They are able to put themselves in the place of another and will never refuse help. At the same time, they do not expect rewards – this is their inner calling. Dogs according to the eastern horoscope are generous and for the most part disinterested. These people are able to give everything to people, even to sacrifice themselves. All fighters for justice were born in the year of the Dog. Every untruth revolts them.

They are doing everything they can to destroy it. They are loyal and noble, therefore they are often incompatible with this cruel world. Dogs rarely tolerate cruelty and refuse to live by the laws of the wolf. Therefore, they are valued and respected everywhere. But suspicion makes them check all new acquaintances. At first glance, they even seem cowardly.

Dogs can always be trusted, but their constant pessimism arouses suspicion. These restless people cannot stand surprises and impromptu, because they hold on to their past so firmly, skeptically meeting all undertakings. They rarely express their feelings, and if they do something, then only when they consider it an absolute necessity. They are exceptionally stubborn and always know what they want.

Often, Dogs love to tease and are shunned because of their sharp tongue. This sign is amazing. Sometimes it seems that they are consistently looking for flaws in everything they do. In essence, Dogs according to the eastern horoscope are big pessimists who do not expect anything good from life.

They are always the first to criticize injustice, even in circumstances where no one else can open their mouths. Possessing a critical mind, natural sense of humor and greatness of soul, Dogs cannot be accused of mediocrity. Deep in their souls, Dogs are anti-social according to the eastern horoscope, because they do not like large crowds of people and hate gatherings.

Emotionally, they leave the impression of cold-blooded people, but this is only an appearance. They just tend to doubt both their own feelings and the feelings of others. Despite these shortcomings, it is in the Dogs that the nobility of human nature is hidden.

Dog Love Compatibility, Relationship, Best Matches, Marriage

In love, Dogs are too straightforward and because of this, they can have problems throughout their lives. But in these problems they will be guilty themselves. The Chinese love horoscope says that Dogs love fleeting adventures and lasting relationships. But they make contact only if a person inspires a sense of reliability.

Of course, they can be playful, but this is just an external mask associated with the need to find a soul mate. When they find their loved one, they will breathe a sigh of relief. The Chinese love horoscope says that Dogs are very loving, gentle and sensitive. When they tie the knot, they are full of responsibility and absolutely not succumb to temptations. They can resist foreign aggression and will take all measures to preserve the family hearth.

For them, there is nothing more important in life. Despite these qualities, they are not always happy in love. Often they are jealous and restless, because they are not sure of the partner’s feelings. Their pessimism often leads to disaster. Their solidity and high morality are the key to stability, but Dogs do not know how to suppress moodiness in themselves, they are highly dependent on the ambition and behavior of others.

Dogs are incredibly emotional and intuitive, which is why they instantly feel the mood of others. This contributes to a bad mood in their soul. Dogs need a long time to rest and relax. They look at people for a long time. Sometimes it takes a lifetime.

If this fails, they become completely indifferent to their loved ones, and then all sorts of excesses are possible. They may go alone. Marriage is necessary for them, like air, in order not to fall into temptations. According to the Chinese love horoscope, in marriage they will be faithful companions and will always help in difficult times.

Career prospects – the Dog chinese zodiac characteristics in the workplace

Dogs are very hardworking. They have all the prerequisites to be successful in the service. According to the horoscope, professions suitable for the Dog must contain elements of analytics. Dogs really believe in what they are doing, therefore they bring extraordinary benefits to humanity. If they don’t have faith, they just won’t budge. At such moments, they fall into melancholy.

They have a natural ability to organize, but often lack independence and aggressiveness. To be more productive, they need to gain confidence. All their complexes are born in adolescence, because their parents are trying to impose their opinion on them. They waste a lot of time on useless studies and on acquiring a specialty that is not interesting for them.

Dogs choose their own profession. Only in this case they become brilliant workers. They make good workers, craftsmen, party functionaries, critics, teachers, priests, writers, philosophers, thinkers, moralists, judges, doctors, objective politicians, secret agents, directors of enterprises. In work, the Dogs are obsessed, everyone is used to bringing things to the end.

Colleagues are treated correctly and fairly. When they are at the head of an enterprise, they know how to make their efforts appreciated. Dogs always act simply, naturally and are available in communication with everyone. They never lose credibility. Dogs are always restless, and if something does not suit them, they can spoil the atmosphere without realizing it in time.

They do not pay too much attention to their career, and if they take steps in this direction, it is for the benefit of all. According to the horoscope of professions, the scientific profession and various kinds of research are suitable for Dogs. They operate very successfully with money, but still it is better for them not to devote themselves entirely to the material sphere. Having money, they spend it with ease.

Comfort and luxury are not the goal of their life, they can live without them. Even if they are rich, they live modestly. These are real philosophers – moralists, people of leftist convictions. Very kind and generous. But be careful, because dishonesty makes them furious.

Dogs always fight for justice. They are perceptive and judge with understanding. They quickly orient themselves in the situation, details rarely escape them. True, such qualities can turn into a disadvantage – sometimes they are too fond of diving in particular.

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